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Last Updated: 4/25/07
People's Point of View From Allison's Petition

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1620. Fallon Mickunas
1619. Karie Heffernan I have boy/girl twins also, I pray Allison gets her children back
1618. Tiata Campbell FREE ALLISON!!!
1617. Eric Neumann I know Allison personally I have a daughter with the daughter of John Gurley the man whose cousins adopted Allison's twins and talked her into giving them up, she took my daughter away from me and moved to Orlandoand I haven't seen her in over a year and Allison used to babysit for my daughter .
1616. Lucy Camera I know Allison personally and she never meant to give her babies up ,she was pressured by John Gurley to give the babies to his cousins
1615. Kate Scheublein I just want to make a clear point, this petition is for Allison, not for you jerks who don't know squat about love, life, and motherhood. This poor women was attacked at her weakest point. If you ask any first time mother, even if your not sick, you are still extremely weak, and this women was not only sick, but alone with twins. She deserves nothing but the best and that is having her babies back. I am so sickened by anyone who write anything about justice being anything other that Allison getting here children back. Please use your heads, Allison did what any mother would do! Allison, good luck and God bless! GO GET THOSE BEAUTIFUL BABIES.
1614. Kate Scheublein Allison, I just want to say that you are a wonderful mom and you are in my prayers every day. Both my mom and I think that Allison should NOT be in jail. We watched the Dr. Phil show about Allison and my mom stated, that as a mother, she would have done the same. Allison, I pray for your beautiful babies safe return into their mommies arms. When they return to you, they will be priveledged to have a mom who loves them so very much. Please do not hesitate to e-mail me if you ever need a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to. Good luck and God bless, Kate
1613. meghan teggerdine
1612. Katherine Sugrue those baby's need to be with their mom!
1611. Renee Shultz Give HER children back!
1610. Shari Hosmer As a young mother of 2 children, who has suffered from HG with both pregnancies, I feel for you. I saw your story on Dr. Phil and it hit home. Unless you have suffered from this YOU have NO idea what it does to someone. Fight for your babies!!! With all of my support and love my heart goes out to you.
1609. Rhiannon Oglesby This woman deserves to mother her own blood children. She was under duress when sighning those papers. Please do what's right and in the best interest of these two babies, Reunite them with their real birth mother. Please put this family back together for good! God bless the Quet family, babies and blood mother!
1608. Rachel Maxwell
1607. Nicole Markarian
1606. Michele Wyckoff
1605. Jodi
1604. dina stickel
1603. Ened Manzo As a mother I feel for her. My sister went thru a similar situation and I can't imagine seeing her go thru the same ordeal. Womens heath is a mystery still to this day. With that being said she should be reunited with her babies.
1602. Beatrice Welch I pray that the powers that be will come to their senses and give these children back to their mother. I have been an RN for 33 years and cannot believe that this grave injustice was actually done in our country.
1601. February Johnson
1600. Kipp Johnson
1599. Quynh Tran Allison Quets will always be the mother of her children, no matter what anyone say or any legal document proves. She will always be their mother. It's such a shame that she has to kidnap HER OWN CHILDEN. I don't understand why the adoptive parents couldn't understand that she needs her children back in her life. Allison Quets don't ever give up on gettin your children back, no matter what happens noone will ever break the bond that a mother has with her children.Don't give up, Fight for what is truthfully yours. GO GET YOUR CHILDREN BACK!!!
1598. Dina Tarabini
1597. Sandy Langley These are her children, give them back to Allison
1596. Elizabeth Leal I was barely throwing up in the first trimester of my pregnancy, and was absolutely miserable, even with the support of a husband. I can't imagine going through HG alone, and trying to raise twins as weak as she was. My God bless her and her babies.
1595. Audrey Dohm This woman has absolutley no reason to be sitting in a jail cell! Give her children back to her!
1594. Kimberly Booze Allison, God Bless you and I will be praying for you and your children, please hang in there God will see you through this.
1593. Pamela Lulay I have been a nurse for over 14 years and am also a mother. I know exactly how ill women with HG become and they are rarely in their right mind. For Allison to have been taken advantage of in this supremely vulnerable state is unconscienable. It should be clear to anyone that hears the facts of this case that Holly and Tyler belong with their mother and the adoption document signed should be null and void.
1592. Susan Lynch Please return these babies to their mother. She was ill and her judgment impared and was taken advantage of. She does not belong in jail
1591. Edna Mullins Set This Mother Free And Give Her Children Back To Her!
1590. Tamika
1589. Jessica Harris Allison suffered the same horrible sickness that I have during my pregnancies. I can't believe anyone even let her consider such a big decision while she was so ill. Please return her children to her. I feel badly for the adoptive family, but Allison's children were stolen from her.
1588. Nyoka Douglas
1587. Lorna Loomis FLA adoptions need "cooling off period'
1586. Rachel Grant I believe Allison Quets should have her children returned to her immediately. She was in poor mental and physical health when she was signed the papers to give them up. Everyone deserves a second chance and these children need and deserve to be with their mother.
1585. April Michaels
1584. K. Bagley This was definately a case of duress with signing the papers. Even though there were 2 instances, the attorney and Allison's 'friend' did not let up on trying to convince her to place her children for adoption until she signed. I can only imagine that having Hyperemesis would cause Post Partum issues to be even more significant. She was clearly not in a 'right frame of mind' when signing those papers. She is NOT insane, but was very ill. This must be undone.
1583. lee
1582. lee
1581. Andreas Schultz Let her out
1580. Amorena Collins This is a clear mistke.Get this woman to trial as quickly as possible so that she can be with her children.
1579. Stephanie Lau What the hell is the world coming to? Now we're stealing babies from their mothers?
1578. Jodi I hope you get your babies back and that they set you free.
1577. Deniele Korotko As a Hyperemesis survivor I know what this disease does to your body. Free her!!!!! She was under distress
1576. Tara The children are just where they need to be. They are with their parents "The Needhams". Allison is a mental case. She signed adoption papers TWICE... This woman had ALOT of money. She could have hired a nanny but SHE choose to give them away for adoption. Allison needs mental help!!!!!! She made this decision, so she must learn to live with it... I hope the "Needhams" try to start a support group like this one. But I do not think the "Needhams" could scoop as low as Allison Quets. WACKO!!
1575. nichole bice
1573. Susan Brooks Layton This mother was no doubtably coerced. There is no way she could have made a sound decision under the circumstances. She deserves her children back with full custody!
1572. Chris McCracken
1571. April McCracken I
1570. Beth Malecha I have had HG 4 times in my life, and will probably have it with any future pregancies, I know how devasting a disease this is. The pain you must have been in. I am so sorry that this is happening to you. You and your babies are in my prayers. They should be with you - you are their mother. I am sooo sorry and hope this nightmare ends soon for you and your family. You have a lot of people pulling for you - remember that!!!
1569. Julie Sartor a hyperemisis survivor
1568. Natalie Lebo
1566. Jackie C
1565. Jennifer Andrews
1564. Stephanie Scala I think what Allison has endured is deplorable. How can she be treated as if she has no rights?
1563. lisa very unfair
1562. GinaMarie Heritage
1561. Janet Beals Free this women!!!
1560. pressley Neel jr
1559. pressley
1558. Mynawati Katwaru
1557. Iris Tipton I am an HG survivor and a mother of multiples who has both considered abortion and adoption in my weakest moments. This could very well have been me if someone had preyed upon my normal, human self-doubts when I was dangerously ill. These babies need to be with their mother. Period.
1556. linda melander i can't belive this woman still is in jail! She needs to be released and be with her children,
1555. Natalie Hood All I can say that is if you have never had this you really can't and will never understand this. I had this with my first child and lost 40 lbs in weeks 6 through 10. I have yet to have a successful pregnancy with any other children.
1554. Leanne Terrington I too was a HG sufferer, there are times when you rely soley on the support of those around you, your mind becomes numb you don't know if you'll survive, you really do feel like you are dying. HG needs to be recognised more in society, it is an illness, it is a serious illness, please help her get her babies back.
1553. Adam Burton Please reconsider this decision, clearly this woman was not in the right state of mind when these decisions were made. I hope that if the government will not make the right decision, that the adoptive parents will.
1552. Melinda Sauer As a survivor of Hyperemesis twice, I know the state of mind Allison was in. FREE ALLISON
1551. Robert S Walton I am A soldier of twenty years Just finished a tour in Iraq and feeling like i just heard something from over there since when in this country is theer no rights for woman or a chance for them to reconsider?
1550. Denise J Walton No state law or verse of said law should be allowed to sercomvent federal laws or common sense. Adoption so have to be a federally controlled and regulated system when taking into consideration the fact that we have local, national and world wide adoptions all which should be overseen by the same lasw and safety measures for both the bio parents and adoptive parents to in sure uniforamity for all and protection of all. It is clear that it you can get a stressed mother in florida to sign her right to a child she has not time to reflect however if she was in many other states she would have as much as a year. It is like putting up a billboard at the florida line that states no birth mother should every consider adoption in florida.
1549. Sarah Brewster She should have her children back! no question -
1548. Gerald Reiley
1547. Steffanie Reiley God bless you.
1546. Kay Brown I am an adoptive mother (32 years ago) and I still don't understand how this could happen.
1545. Michelle Neel This is an outrage!!!!!
1544. Sabrina Sandefur
1543. Shannon Kosky As a mother I am fully aware of the strong love and unbreakable bond between mother and child(ren). Do the right thing and reunite these babies with their rightful, loving mother!
1542. Susan Dorsey, Esq. I am an attorney in Hawaii and had my first baby last May. I suffered from Hyperemesis throughout the pregnancy and had to stop working because I was severly compromised in every way. I was not myself and worried for a time that I would not survive to care for my baby. I was 43 at his birth and wanted more than anything to hold on to the pregnancy. I seriously had to consider abortion as one of my choices. My heart goes out to Ms. Quets.
1541. Mary C. McKay It has been long enough. Give Allison her children back.
1540. Jaclyn Fark
1539. Cristina Carolan I had HG too and sometimes you feel so helpless, it would be easy for someone to take advantage of you. This woman clearly loves her children and should not be in jail. She just needs some support and the loves of her life back.
1538. Amanda Laughton
1537. Antonella Sands
1536. Sarimaria Anderberg Following this very closely from Sweden! These children must be retunited with their mother! there is no other option!
1535. Amy Shea it's outrageous, give her children back!
1534. Frances Just heard about you because of Hyperemisis, which my daughter has and had twice. What a horror and then to have your twins taken away. I hope you get them back and the help you need. I think you need help mentally and physically to care for your beautiful children. You were lucky to carry the twins full term as my daughter is in that process at the moment and just lost one of the twins ay 4 1/2 months. We are praying that all is going to come out well for the other and she is rid of her Hyperemisis. God Bless!
1533. Tali Weininger There should be no debate about this matter. It is common sense that Allison should be reunited with her two beautiful children. She should not be in jail. Being away from her children is punishment enough!
1532. Joan Marie Cataudella this should never have been able to happen, and i as a mother and being adopted myself, know how she feels. the laws need to change, and also she needs to be in a medical facility rather than a jail. a woman's mental health as well as her physical is very strongly influenced by hormonal changes during pregnancy. this along with all the other medical evidence needs to be taken into account, and she needs to be treated and reunited with her children. in many states, the parent has a one year window to change their decision. this is hard on the family who takes the child, however, it is known in advance that this may in fact happen. adoption is a very unique situation that needs to be handled as such by all parties involved. these are human beings we are dealing with here, and children at that. while it is evident that this mother needs medical attention, it is also more evident that the physical and psychological impairments she had to endure throughout her pregnancy were mitigating factors here.
1531. MaryAnn Olson Please help but this family back together.
1530. Jane Deakin Nielsen
1529. Vanessa Stanfield
1528. denise pagoota these children belong with their mother
1527. Kevin Howard
1526. Kelly Howard Saw story on Dr. Phil show, she must get her children back
1525. Janet
1524. Debbie Trauner
1522. Stefani J Ramberg I want Allison to have her children back. I think John Gurley did a terrible thing not to help her keep her children. He was a boyfriend for many years and should h ave taken responsiblity for them until she was well enough on her own.
1521. Chris Arrowsmith Calgary, AB, Canada
1520. Deserie Thomas Every extra day that goes by is going to cause harm to the children. I'm glad that they are with people that want them, but they deserve to be with their REAL mother as soon as possible. It would be reasonable to grant the adoptive parents visitation after the children are returned to Allison. Please HURRY, release Allison and reunite her with her babies.
1519. Tameron Demeter
1518. Heather Thomsen
1516. Crystal Farmer
1515. LARISSA Henderson I suffered with Hyperemesis during my pregnancy and can relate to the depression and helplessness that is both physical and mental
1514. Anne McNeill
1513. Becky Savikas Allison was under distress when this happen and should not be held accountable. Her kids belong to her and should be returned.
1512. Michael Delbou The adoptive parents REALLY need to reconsider their choices. Now with the current knowledge of this illness they are collaborating in the theft of these children from their mother. IT IS WRONG. Those children will resent them when hey are old enough to understand what was done.
1511. Tyais Delbou SET HER FREE!!! This is a ridiculous way to treat a loving mother who was ill and desperate.
1510. Casey Cunningham Change needs to happen within the state of Louisiana to ensure that a mothers rights are protected while suffering from a sickness such as Ms Quets
1509. Pamela Martel
1508. Heather Schofill Her illness coupled with post partum depression should be enough for any sensible person to see that she was not in her "right" mind when she signed papers. If the adoptive parents cared for those precious children, they should allow and request for a reunion of this precious family!
1507. Aimee Clanton
1506. Marie DAnnunzio
1505. COlleen Rudd
1504. Megan Dillard
1503. Kelly Cunningham Allison, you do not belong in jail! May God bless you and those twins!
1502. george Williams I want to visit with you. I live near the jail.I pray every day for you and the twins. You will be renunited soon. Stay strong.
1501. Guylène Perras
1500. ELIZABETH AMBROZIC GOD is with you! Keep the faith and keep praying!!
1499. Genevieve B when done right adoption can be a good thing but not like this, never like this. In this day & age it seems like the only things that get any attention are gossip, celebrities & celebrity gossip. Let's try & show the world that humanity can be more.
1498. Lisa M Parchem I am outraged at the fact that she has been placed in this situatiuon by people trying to take advantage of her in a desperate situation. Let her have her babies and let her lead a normal happy life!
1497. Zondra Harlan My heart aches for this family! Please reunite them! They are in my prayers.
1496. Michele Cheek This is Not right! Free her and Give her those babies back!
1495. Ashley Nguyen
1494. Jennifer Tuksal I heard Allison's story on Dr. Phil today and am appalled at the lack of ethics here. She clearly does not deserve to be in jail and her twins should be in her custody.
1493. Jennifer Harrison The treatment of Allison Quets is outrageous.
1492. Sarah Sick
1491. Marcella Combs
1490. Kayla Brown best of luck getting the babies you deserve!
1489. Greg stone My wife had hyperemisis with both of our children I saw what she went through every day this is so terrible that you are in jail we hope you are reunited with your babies soon!!
1488. Lisa-Marie Stone I'm from Canada and had Hyperemesis aswell I know what you went through you are not in the right state of mind to sign anything I really hope you are free soon to be with your babies. you desreve it!!
1487. Caroline Johnson I personally underwent hyperemesis for three months, twice with both my son and daughter. It was absolutely brutual, there were times that I thought I might die, because of the strain on my body. The physical exhaustion is accompanied by a completely depressed and catotonic mental state. Allison should get to be with her babies again. No one can truly understand hyperemesis, unless they have gone through, it is completely diabilitating and it alters your mind and body. I hope that Allison is reunited with her children.
1486. Kristin Speight This is crazy. Give those babies back to their rightful mother. She was trying to protect them, and then she got forced into something that she didnt want to do.
1485. Kathleen T Conklin
1484. Barbara Durkish
1483. Kelly Taylor
1482. Lindy Miranda
1481. sherrie reynolds
1480. Tiffany Drees
1479. mary phaneuf Our hearst and prayers are with you and your babies!Stay strong!
1478. jennifer fisselbrand please give this woman her babies back
1477. Kristin Anderson I understand. God bless you for what you are doing.
1476. Quintina Nanton Ms.Quets has be mistreated by the u.s let her go.
1473. nicole
1472. Nina Fernandez
1471. Lucy Duncan Shame on Florida, on judges, lawyers, Shame on humanity. Immediate release of Allison now. We need to suit the government and disbarr the involving lawyers and judges IMMEDIATELY
1470. Rebecca L. Moran I think if the Natural mother wants her childern she should have then no questions asked.
1469. Antoinette N Kaplan I have adopted a boy in Virginia. In Virginia a mother can not give up her rights until counciled by an independent agency and only then she must appear in front of a judge to give up her rights. Her state needs to change the adoption process! immediately. She was not in her right mind and her children need to be returned.
1468. Tracy Cano-Scribner Free this poor woman from jail and give her babies back!
1467. Lynn S. She deserves to have her babies back now!
1466. Oscar Rocha
1465. Lisa Simpson
1464. Tami Yingling I know Allison from Florida. She is a kind and generous woman who longed to be a mother. She deserves to raise her children.
1463. Deborah Bateman It sounds like she was taken advantage of during her illness. In listening to the Dr. Phil show I definately do not beleive that this woman belongs in jail. What is wrong with our judicial system???
1462. Tuyen Stephany
1461. Nicole Abdai
1460. Kristen Cunningham
1459. Sally Melanson
1458. Tara Perry I think that everyone has the right to change their minds and if she can provide for them, she should get them back, not be in jail. Sad
1457. Yvette Grider Such a shame, babies belong with their mother
1456. Cristina Dorne
1455. Teresa Kander Free Allison and return her children!!!
1454. Martha Schneider
1453. James Frost Jr.
1452. Jacqueline Frost GIVE THOSE BABIES BACK TO THERE MOMMA!!!!!!!!
1451. AMANDA
1450. Elaine E. Get Allison Quets OUT of jail
1449. Nina Somerville
1448. Melissa Owen
1447. Merita Howell I think this is an outrage. Those children have a right to be with their mother.
1446. Jacqueline Weidle I will pray for a reunion for the family.
1445. Angie Witte
1444. Kimberly Stivala
1443. Beverly Jennings
1442. Naomi Qualmann
1441. Lisa Crews Florida has some huge problems when it comes to doing the right thing by the children there!!
1440. Sandi Ramirez My word i was shocked to hear about this. No means No even in the case of adoptions
1439. Alison
1438. carrie reich
1437. Stacey Barrett
1436. Ron Feldman
1435. Miriam A. Feldman
1434. Lisa Marie Burton This is NOT fair...people should be given the right to change their mind...especially with children!!!
1433. erika greene stay strong ,I will pray for you!
1432. Colleen Rancier
1431. cindy
1430. linda morgan i dont see how the adoptive parents can live with themselves. i feel sorry for them, but the children should come first. this is not morally right.
1429. Mary Smeltzer
1428. Mandy Hathaway Free this poor lady and give her back her kids NOW!
1427. Kellie Verbickey
1426. Julie Haase I am a nurse on a psych unit. We would never force someone who is gravely disabled to sign a legal document regarding parental custody. How is this any different? It seems as this woman was gravely disabled and not in any sort of state to make legal decisions. How did this happen?
1425. Brian Spano It is unfathomable that a legal institution would have allowed that adoption to occur, the lawyer representing the adoptive parents should be disbarred
1424. Jill Ceppetelli-Spano
1423. Kezie Uloth Let her be with her babies.. she made a mistake..she should get a second chance.
1422. Emma Burgess Do the right thing! I'm losing faith in the US Justic System!
1421. NEIL CAMERON / 6443 Take Allison Quets out of jail and put the stupid lady judge who put her there in the slammer, and horsewhip and debar the adoption attorney in Florida who took advantage of her. This is unfortunately a not uncommon example of the utterly mindless and heartless judicial ruling that passes for justice here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Give Allison Quets her liberty and her babies. She has been deprived of both far too long. The family who has her babies now has no moral or legal claim whatsoever to them and should be ashamed for their role in this tragic trafficking in babies..
1420. janet mccalip i will pray for you
1419. Lucy Vale Please speed up the Reunite process
1418. G. Gilkes Adoption laws need to change. Good Luck
1417. Vicki Stiles I am an adoptive mom but I am on Allison's side all the way on this! I would never have adopted children in a situation like this one. It is unconscionable to pressure someone to give up their children, especially if they are ill! Give her back her children!!!
1416. Emily Widdison Wow, I usually stick up for our legal system but this is crazy! Quickly end this and give those babies back!
1415. Jennifer Janko What's been done to Allison is unethical or corrupt.
1414. Susan Hosman I had gone through with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and was able to raise my only child without any problems! Those twins should be return back to Allison Quet. Allison... please do NOT give up fighting to get your twins back into your arms where they belong!!! God bless you!
1413. kaila templeton
1412. Sally I, too, was an HG sufferer. My thoughts and prayers are with Allison.
1411. Angie Pinedo
1410. Christin Wright
1409. Lindsay
1408. Ann Elrod
1407. Michelle Miller
1406. Holly Copado What has our legal system come to be? Illogical.
1405. Brittany Akins I'll be praying for you and YOUR children!
1404. Kristine Fletcher
1403. monica ciardi return these babies to her mother - you are destroying them
1402. Hillary Fields It absolutely disgusts me how this could happen. My prayers are with you and your family!
1401. Stephanie Varela
1400. Michelle Knight With prayers and best wishes for the reuniting of the Quets Family.
1399. Theresa Harpster HG Survivor and mother of 2
1398. Lyndsay Kraft I completely agree that this woman should get her children back. People were instigating the adoption when she was not in sound mind. Its absolutely unfortunate for this poor woman as to the great lengths she went through to have these two little blessings.
1397. Sandra Milligan
1396. Tim Holder It is shameful what the boyfriend and prospective adoptive parents and their lawyer have done. Rectify this injustice now!
1395. Nicholas Rodriguez
1394. Sherry Wells This is a travesty of justice this woman should not be in jail and she should be freed and get her children back and the people who adopted these children should be ashamed.
1393. Nancy Bergeron I pray for you and your babies !!
1392. Marcella M Gray I fully support this mother in her fight to regain her custody of her children.
1391. Susan Arenz Keeping Allison behind bars and apart from her twins is completely unethical. Allison, I pray that you are soon released and rejoined with your children. You have amazing strength. Hang on!
1390. Rosario L. Beury as a former counselor for Dpt of Children and famies in the State of Florida, I have dealt with this unfair situation a couple of times in the past. But this case is mindblowing to me. the attorney who facilitated this so called "adoption" should be prosecuted. He manipulated a sick mother out of her babies so he could make money. He's probably done this before and ALL his adoptions should be investigated. He is making money out of people's miseries, the birth mothers and the adoptive parents.
1389. B.J. Jenkins I agree with Dr. Phil. This woman does not belong in jail. Let her out and then look at all of the facts of this case.
1388. Judy G. Martin Allison should have custody of HER children.
1387. Lupe Hernandez Dearest Allison: I saw you on the Dr. Phil show on April 12,2007 and I am so sorry that this has happenend to you and your twins. I am a mother myself and I can't even try to imagine what pain you are going through. I will write to you in jail too as I found your address because I just want you to know that I pray that you get to be released soon and that you are reunited with your baby twins so very soon. They are your miracle. Not anybody elses. They kicked and moved and grew under your heart. Your heartbeat is who's they heard and know. Take care and keep the faith.Many people around this big world know about you and your babies and are behind you Allison. Don't give up. God Bless...Your New Friend..Lupe
1386. janet davies
1385. Cherie Hudson
1384. Tracey Pike please free her
1383. L. Stridh Bring this mother and her children back together!
1382. Becky Galeski
1381. Judy Willington FREE ALISON
1380. angela lundstrom dont let this drag out any further,the kids are who get hurt and should have not been taken from mother
1379. kimberly rampp She is not a criminal Give her back her children!
1378. Rebecca Munoz This is an absolute travesty of our laws. Who is held a virtual prisoner in a lawyers office for so many hours until they break and sign documents under such duress. Let these unethical adoptive parents find another victim!
1377. Lyssa Savedra Hey! Let her go! Give her back the children that she paid so dearly for in more ways than one!
1376. Lisa Hogan To keep this poor woman in jail and to keep her from her children would be BARBARIC and WRONG! The only ethical thing to do is release her from jail and give her sole custody of her children! This is an outrage and many if not all Mothers would agree!
1375. Bobbiesue Carman
1374. Sandy Kinder
1373. Ashley You are in my prayers allison.I am praying that you will soon get your children back. It is so hard for them to go through something like this and have to grow up knowing this is happening....im not sure how good this petition will help, but i hope it does. God bless.
1372. Kari Ridge
1371. Viktoriya Pinkley
1370. Cristina Barragan The twins need Allison, their mother, now.
1369. Ryan Clement Give Allison her babies back!
1368. Lisa Minton I too have experienced the unexplainable disease of hyperemesis - thanks to God and my family I and my beautiful son made it through it. I wish Allison all the best. She deserves her children back and definitely should not be in jail.
1367. Maura Murray Bring Allison home to her babies!
1366. Lisa Clark Do whatever you have to do to get your kids back. Good luck.
1365. toni j watson good luckto allison tyler and holly
1364. Cheryl Manaois give back her children, she doesn't deserve to go to jail
1363. Carol Hecht This is absolutely outrageous! I have just moved from Orlando to another state just because of crap like this that goes in Florida! If this isn't a case of signature under duress, then I don't what is. I wish Allison the very best of luck and will hold her in my thoughts and prayers for release from jail and the return of her precious children.
1362. Caroline Russell
1361. Holly Mahoney having been severally ill throughout my pregancy with twins and subsequent post partum depression, I can empathize with her state of mind ......give her back her children!!!!
1360. Brook Raasch
1359. Stephanie Rammel Mother of 2 HG children-life draining terrible experience unimaginable unless you have been there!
1358. Jennifer Drake
1357. Veronica Davis I wish I could help her in some way! I support you Allison. Good Luck
1356. Betsy Grams I'm an HG survivor; I feel for Allison. Give her babies back to her.
1355. Elizabeth Compton Do the right thing, this woman should not be in jail!
1354. darlene dannhausen this woman is a mother not a crimminal this is tragic she has been kept from her babies
1353. keith messer somebody is making money off those babies .and it is not her....give that lady her kids back.
1352. Theresa Ganster Shame on those adoptive parents and the lawyer and the boyfriend. They all should be jailed and sued. They will all answer to a higher power someday.
1351. D. O'Reggio Based on what I have read and seen, Alison is a caring, responsible mother. She should not be separated from her children! They are her babies. She shouldn't be in jail. She is the victim in this situation.
1350. Jessica Pavlik
1349. Daniel Kelley
1348. heather dumond i hope she gets her babies
1347. Roberta Gilston duress, pure and simple. If Ms. Quets had had cancer for 8 months, she'd be with her children now
1346. Janie W.Manning JWMann@verizon.net
1345. Christine McKay (Canada) How very sad it came to this. The Needham's are very misguided and desperate to have taken the twins in spite of the disturbing circumstances involved. The twins are the true victims here. They belong with their Mom Allsion.( I truly believe some people profitted from this illegal adoption.)
1344. Stan Chavira It's not fair! FREE ALLISON QUETS!
1343. Betty Murphy Dwoske I feel she was taken advantage of in her weakened health and mental condition. Her rights were violated and her children, which she worked so hard to have via IVF, are missing out on time with their mother.
1342. cecile tirel-burrasca
1341. Ric Dickinson She was under duress!
1340. Gina Hillis I also suffered from hyperemesis with both my pregnacies and no one can imagine what it is like.....
1339. Kathleen Ortega Allison you're in my prayers.
1338. Tammy Shook
1337. Doreen Calise She should not be in jail, any mother would want their children back. She isnt sick now & CAN take care of them now..Prays to reunite the family, ASAP
1336. Melissa Mentz
1335. Viktoriya Pinkley
1334. Maria Fulcher Please free this mother!!
1333. Jennifer McCarthy
1332. Joanne Hartford The powers that "BE" Better get Allison released from jaiL and reunited with her ba bies ! She DUH ! Had invitro fertilization she obviously wants her babies, I have never heard of treatment so atrocious, I would go to Canada too!
1331. Charlene Arsenault She is the mother no dispute. She went to great lenghts to have them and keep them I wish her all the best. As for the adoptive parents I hope they can sleep at night and can honestly answer truthfully the questions those kids will have when they are older if they remain in their care.
1330. janina watt
1329. janina watt
1328. Roy Gooden
1327. Billie-Jo Rodzen Looking into Allison's eyes you can see she truely loves her babies. She wouldn't had signed those papers if she was well. No mother would of done that unless they were near death. I support her fully. I pray for her and the babies.
1326. Lorie Lee She should be reunited with her children
1325. Dean S. Blake This is a case where preservation of mother's RIGHTS to have, love, guide and raise her own natural born children over 'all other considerations' anything else is against the laws of God and nature.
1324. roxanne brennan My family will be praying for your family!! This is just wrong----it hurts my heart. I believe that prayers and people will reach you---a better day is on its way!!
1323. Jessica Korth
1322. bionca hubbard I felt sorry for allison about her illness and giving her children up no one should ever do that
1321. Darrelyn Behn Please return Holly and Tyler to Allison Quets, their rightful, loving mother.
1320. Leslie Douglas I had hyperemesis three times. My 1st pregnancy, I almost lost my job, luckily I was a union employee. I carried our health care insurance. My 2nd preganancy I lost the baby early on, and was thrilled because I couldn't take care of my 1st child and we couldn't afford to have me stay home and have full time child care also, plus I wanted to die. We moved into a newer house, thinking that maybe the smells or toxins of a 100 year old house contributed to my sickness during pregnancy. My 3rd time around I was just as sick, luckily this time we were able to pay for full time child care for my 2-1/2 year old. One Dr at the clinic I was going to didn't want to treat me unless I actually was in kidney failure, I was in IV treatment with zofran for my previous pregnancies and was taking zofran orally. I never saw my oldest son during my pregnancies and lost a year of his life. Everytime I went to the doctors, I would hope that there was someting wrong with the baby, so we could abort it. I told my husband t
1319. jeffery vincent my mother had this and i cannot explain what the disease does to you she had termanated her prengancy and when through very bad depresson after she done it she still crys over it and it has been a year ago she really wanted a baby and her hubsand did not understand what she was going through until today when he seen the dr.phil show so please take this what it is worth this is a very strong disease and you are not in your right mind
1318. Vicki Hall I saw her story on Dr. Phil today and immediately had to find a support group to show her and others that I support her 100\% and truly hope and pray that she gets her babies back with her where they belong. This is horrible and I am truly embarrased to be a Florida native today.
1317. becky snyder Everything i have read and heard so far she was defiently under duress. She deserves to have her children. I am sure the other couple have bonded but if they were to just take a moment and put themselves in her shoes wouldnt they do the same thing
1316. dustin berry we are here for you
1315. Shelley Bradley
1314. april shawn napper are prayers are with you
1313. Amanda VanDerPuy
1312. Stephanie Hutchinson
1311. Linda Amundson
1310. Tara Sadler I am an adopted child who knows both families
1309. Nancy Postlewaite I will pray for this family
1308. Lindsey Jackson My Mom had this illness and it's a miracle I'm here today!
1307. Stacie Eddy
1306. linda jackson I had this illness. It made me mentally sick.
1304. Pedro DeHaro every one deservs a 2nd chance.
1303. Janie Arambula/Woodward I wish you the best, this is unfair, you and YOUR babies are in my prayers!
1302. Linda Mallette Good Luck Allison and God bless you ,and your childrens
1301. Teena Adler
1300. Valerie Moline
1299. S Levine
1298. Patricia Driscoll
1297. Priscilla Croft This story just breaks my heart. Please give her children back. I am outraged by the lack of commonsence in this case.
1296. sheri dunn
1295. Tracey Jennings a classic case of how barbaric our society is when it comes to understanding women's health issues.
1294. Pearl Teague Please return babies to Allison
1293. Elaine Eversole Give this woman her children back now!
1292. Pearl Teague Please return babies to Allison
1291. Amanda Vesser
1290. Shirley Helm Let's help unite the Quets babies with their mommy Allison Quets!
1289. Samantha Louise Reunite the Quets family!
1288. David Daniels Allison should be with her babies!
1287. Emily Sawka
1286. Samantha Ricks Let Allison have her babies back!
1285. Lynn Hawkins This is so sad. I am also appaulled at the family that would fight her after learning of the disease that she had. It isn't possible they already were deeply connected with the twins. What happen to compassion?
1284. Tammy J Evans
1283. Lisa Paschall Terry My thoughts and prayers are with Allison and her children.
1282. lisa swansig Give her her babies!!!!!
1281. Jack & Jo-Anne Warren The children deserve to be with their mother. We hope in light of the circumstances of her illness, that justice shall provail and the children will be returned to her.
1280. April Borden
1279. Michelle Who calls 911 from a lawyer's office to get documents back!!!! She OBVIOUSLY had a weak moment.
1277. kimika darling seriously people, this is 2007...this poor mother has had her babies stolen right from under her. obviously people used her sickly and weakened physical and emotional state against her. this is deplorable. i am shocked that this sort of thing could happen in western society. all involved with keeping her away from her babies should be very ashamed. i really hope this mother and her children are reunited, and that her children will be none the worse for wear. have we really sunk this low?
1276. Amy Thomas
1275. Susan Breault I think what this woman has been through is horrible and the legal system needs to immediately return those children to their biological mother.
1274. Bridget Bryant I would hate to think I could not grow up knowing and living with my own Mother. She should have full rights of her children.
1273. Linda Fitzgerald
1272. Kristen Good luck! I hope you get your babies back
1271. Courtney This is HORRIBLE. Whoever has Allison's children now are HORRIBLE, IMMORAL people. Why in the WORLD would ANYONE try to keep children away from their REAL mother who WANTS them, and is obviously a GREAT MOM!! I would have stole them, too, and even though our OUTRAGEOUS judicial system says she wrong, what she did was RIGHT. For a parent to be kept from her children, the government should have to PROVE that she is a danger to them. This story breaks my heart. This is only hurting those children, and ruining Allison's life.
1270. Linda Mallette
1269. Cindy Krofta
1268. lester gooden
1267. Emily Lassen
1266. cece
1265. Carla Good Luck !!
1264. Tiffany Scott This story is such a tragedy. Give Allison Quets her babies back.
1263. Eugene Watts
1262. Samantha White The authorities need to give their heads a shake and let those babies have thier mom back.
1261. Nina Elizabeth Knapp Give this Mother back her children !!!!
1260. Yadira Cruz
1259. April Give her her kids back!
1258. anik vachon free the mother!
1257. Charley Reed
1256. Kevin Mills
1255. LaDonna Hunt I have been trying to conceive for over 5 years and can't afford to go IVF emotionally or financially, but for Allison she has gone through so much. I had several surgies and I know from my last one which left me with a C-section scar that it isn;t easy to recover from surgy like some think. The drugs the hospital had me on plus my emotional state was not good. I will pray for Allison and her..yes her children.
1254. Darlene Darlin ( Texas) The Real Mom Is The Mom She Needs Her Babbys Back Thats What Should Be Done
1253. Kerry Gray You have to provide this mother with the rights she deserves. From what I have read and have seen aired on TV the government is giving the adoptive family more rights then they should have. The adoptive family should reliquish all rights knowing full well they have done wrong by this family. The government needs to get this family back together and provide them with some in home support for the mother to care for them. What is our government coming to. Taking advantage of a sick mother who just gave birth.
1252. Teresa Mills God bless this woman HP is a severe disease.
1251. Sheri Sorem
1250. Nicole Dolby
1249. Larry Darlin ( TEXAS) Give The Babbys Back To There Real Mom
1248. Linda Kentch Please give the babies back to their mother.
1247. Jen Makey Again.. the system has failed us !
1246. Regina Garcia As a mother, I feel that the children should be with their birth mother, and that the adoptive parents should see how wrong this whole adoption proceeding was. They should give her back her children, if not, one day they will grow up, and those children will know all of this and it could backfire on them.
1245. Paige. M Haas In my prayers
1243. Berniece Ricker
1242. Kiranjot GET YOUR BABIES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
1241. Casie Long I am apalled that my government is allowing this woman to sit in jail for attempting to assert her most basic human right, the right to parent your own children. The obvious and horrifying coersion tactics that were employed to steal these kids from their mom go against everything this great country is supposed to stand for.I saw Dr. Phil show today with Allison's story. While I realize Dr. Phil is trying to keep from villifying the "adoptive" parents in public, I think that anyone who would push to take and keep someone else's children fully knowing these circumstances deserves villification. THEY are the kidnappers.
1240. beverly Lynton the children need to be returned to their mother.
1239. Paula Kay Cole
1238. Zoni Clark I too had hyperemesis. It's hell!
1237. Tracy Sherner As a 2 time survivor of hyperemeis, I can relate to Allison. Hyperemesis effects you in ways unimaginable, unless you have experienced it.
1236. jennifer gooden
1235. Joy Russom Give her back her children
1234. Tammy Stevens
1233. Laura O'Mara After watching Dr. Phil's program about Allison's plight, my prayers go out to her and her family. I am outraged to think that a woman who has gone through such horrible physical & emotional torture, should be taken advantage of in such an awful way. I only hope the judicial system will support her in getting her children back, with NO PUNATIVE REPERCUSSIONS what so ever. God bless you, Allison, and your children! -Laura O'Mara, Erin, Wisconsin
1232. Leanne Stanley This is such an outrage. Please do what is right and give this mother her children!
1231. Erin Magee This women should not be in jail. She should be let free and given back her children.
1230. Sarah I pray this family is together!
1229. Jamie
1228. Darrelyn A. Wilson She should be with her babies
1227. Bonnie Best Wishes
1226. Jessica Phillips
1225. Karen Bartlett I too am a survivor of hyperemesis and understand the feeling this MOTHER felt. It is a disease that people truly don't understand and there are not a lot of resources or support for the condition. This mother needs to have her children back, she was definitely under durress and the attorney should be reprimanded for allowing her to sign the documents. The attorney should have been representing her best interest and being in the state she was in should have NEVER allowed her to sign the documents!
1224. Cori Moore
1223. Laurie L. Harvey Please free this woman and give her children the mother they deserve
1222. Donna Adams
1221. Elise Clinton I suffered from this disease 3 x she innocent
1220. Shirley J. Dudgeon
1219. Kristi Hynes Exonerate Allison Quets and reunite this Mother with HER children!!!!
1218. Shauna McKay
1217. john cook
1215. April Lynn Let this woman have her children back, and release her, she did no wrong.
1214. Rachel Morgan
1213. tanua perry I can't believe this is happening in America. The people who have these children have no heart or soul
1212. Anna Murray I my self was severly ill druing my pregnancy.I know how past exshausted one gets.Stay strong this to shall come to an end.
1211. Sheila White Let these babies have their Mom back.
1210. Carolyn Corbett
1209. Catherine Chastain
1208. Kelly She should be able to get them back since the paperwork was not finalized.
1207. Polly U.S. has a messed up legal system!!!
1206. Donna N Dunbar Perhaps it was a mistake for her to take them, but she wasn't given much of a chance to do anything else. A mother's love for her child makes us do things we never felt capable of doing. You cannot punish a woman for a condition she had no control over. It's wrong. I feel for the adoptive parents,however, they knew there were risks of adoptions being revoked when the mother changes her mind. It's heart rendering. The children are the real losers here in this case because they are being deprived of being able to be with their biological mother who loves them.
1205. kristal d wilder
1204. Jessica Janzen Give her children back to her and release her from prision!!!
1203. Dayle Allison should not be in jail! The corruption in the legal systems, adoption agencies, CAS and CPS agencies is rampant and atrocious in our countries. A lot of families are being "harmed" unnecessarily! The public needs to be made more aware of these issues. Thanks for bringing this matter to light, Dr. Phil.
1202. Gwendellyn Owens Whenever you think things are bad for you something like this comes up to point out how much worse it could be. This case is so sad. I will pray for Allison and her babies
1201. Julie Ann Halick She doesn't belong in prison
1200. Jennifer McArdle This breaks my heart. She obviously was not in a right mental, emotional or physical condition to sign or agree to anything. I can't believe that this has gone on for this long. Give her her babies back!
1199. Diane M. Barris She should be free and have her children to love.
1197. Angela Wells, Indiana
1196. Sarah Nielson
1195. Mary Heather Adam
1194. Jessica DuRant Once the facts of this case are revealed, it is clear that Allison should be released from prison and her children should be returned to her.
1193. candace anderson When I saw this it brought me to tears. Give this woman her children back! As soon as someone expresses they want their children back they as a human being deserve that right. this makes me ashamed to be a citizen of america.
1192. Amanda Wagner i just hope that the courts do the right thng and give her her baby's back and try to understand things from her point of view and i would greatly help in anyway possible.
1191. Carol K This is a travisty of justice.....give these kids to their birth mom!!! She clearly was in such distress when signing the adoption papers, and had no legal representation with her.
1190. Lindsey Butt
1189. Kristen Decker
1188. Johnna Schmidgall
1187. Nicole Roberts They should be back together because she is working hard to get them kids....She is doing a great job doing it...
1186. Sarah Alliman
1185. Wendy M. Quay This is outrageous, Reunite immediately
1184. Angela Brunette For goodness sakes the childern should back with their mother already now!
1183. Lenora Gamblin
1182. Teresa Esposito
1181. Brian McGrath
1180. carmela mcgrath She is their mother. It is despicable what the attny did
1179. Jamie Ware
1178. Korinne Van Patten I live in Albany, NY and am listening to this story for the first time on Dr. Phil. My heart breaks for you and your family and I hope that justice will be served and you will be free and home with your children.
1177. Phoebe Montgomery
1176. Laurie Alvarnaz
1175. michelle donaldson
1174. Bridget Taylor I find this situation deplorable. As a survivor of severe hyperemesis and a child welfare practitioner, I see no conceivable reason why Allison was urged to give up her children. She never should have been allowed to sign those papers and the attorney who allowed that to happen should be disbarred. I am signing this petition and am also extending my support to see Allison get released. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
1173. Melanie Harris I can't believe this woman is being treated this way. Shame on the adoptive couple to stole her children and took advantage of this [then] very ill woman.
1172. Julia Balcazar
1171. Jennifer Richard 911 call is proof enough---we allow convicted child sex offenders to roam free & not know where they are upon release or allow them out on probation with NO time served but this woman is in jail? Absolute INJUSTICE!!
1170. Loren Varney It is obvious that she never had a real desire to give her children up for adoption, and this family shouldn't be allowed to suffer because of a law. Laws are here to serve the people, not trap them.
1169. Lisa Lippert I feel as though she has every right to keep them children, there are people out there with children that shouldn't even have children and she is a good mother she was sick
1168. Amy M. Ayscue
1167. Angela Cloke As a woman who spent years on fertility drugs and finally became pregnant after IVF I can understand how a person who not only has gone through the IVF but also suffered from HG AND two newborn babies would make irrational decisions. This woman should have had counseling and an attorney from the very begining. I feel she was taken advantage of and the attorney for the adoptive family should never be allowed to practice law again!
1166. Carrie Robers My prayers are with the quets!
1165. Nichole Barker
1114. Rachel-Anne Evans She should have her childrent back, she spent so much in terms of emotions and money. If you go through that, why would you give them away? Haven't you ever been sick and not really been 'with it'?
1113. Jill Mahoney Those who never suffered through hyperemesis, really don't have a freaking clue!!!!! YOu are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!
1112. Mrs.Williams Please let Allison Quets have her children and raise them now that she is well enough.May God Bless her in this difficult time.My prayers are with her.
1111. Leslie Daniels Edrington It's obvious there is collusion between the adoptive parents, John Gurley and the Judge. Good old boy injustice. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, the children are suffering, being played and used by these selfish people. Hang in there Allison, I'm proud of you !!!
1110. Josette Downey
1109. bianca willas
1108. f jones
1107. tracy williams
1106. jael reyonlds
1105. Kimberly Hudgens May God show mercy and return your children to you. You are in my prayers!
1104. Tiffany Zimmermann Hyperemesis Gravidarum Survivor
1103. Breanna Korber
1102. amellia gill
1101. montanna shepiro shes a beautiful person who loves her kids
1100. Ruth W. Marks Allison, I will keep you and your children in my prayers. I have a friend that almost died when she was pregnant. She was hospitalized 5 times and had to be put on a feeding tude. There is no way you could have been in any condition physicially or emotionally when these children were born to make this kind of decision. Please Lord help her get her children back.
1099. Emily Bennighof I had HG during my twin pregnancy. I lacked any ability to make rational decsions during this illness. No adoption paperwork signed during this time should be considered legal or binding as it is made under great duress. Ms. Quets' children should be returned to her.
1098. Phillipa I suffer from hyperemesis and can truely understand desperation during this horrible disease. Anyone who takes advantage of this is despicable.
1097. Robert O'Connell If the courts were really interested in the welfare of the children, they would certainly return them to their mother. Actions like this is what makes a mockery of justice in our country. Allison is a good women and its apparent she was deceived. Give her back her children.
1096. Linda L Hatt
1095. Ofc. Donna Saxer I used to work with Allison at the USDOE plant in Largo, Florida. I left there and became a police officer for a local municipality. I am also a Child Abuse Investigator. This is absurd!!! This is just another example of what's wrong with our "system". Hang in there, Allison!!!!!!
1094. Rev. Barbara Ann Mendelsohn Our Prayer is for justice to prevail and mercy for the Quets Family.
1093. Peggy Balcum This is a travesty of justice for all concerned, while the attorneys line their purse to pursue their ultimate demise. "There is nothing more deceiving than the mask of virtue"
1092. Karen Anderson This situation needs to be investigated. If everything was done according to the law, there would be no probklem in sharing signed papers. Ethics in adoption is a must for all professionals involved. These situations destroy future adoptions.
1091. Ruth A Kemp People with money get children to easy,but children need love more then money.They keep some in home were they don't need to be, on the other hand they take some out of homes that are good.
1090. Nancy Long
1089. Michelle Gorra The family keeping the babies should be ashamed of themselves. Give this poor woman back her babies and go buy someone else's.
1088. Jill Price These children need to be with their REAL MOMMY. This is God's will.
1087. Rose Ann Hockett
1086. Ronnell Watson This poor woman has suffered enough, give her children back to her. My daughter has HG and it is a horrible disease and needs to be recognized as such. This is a travesty of justice.
1085. Christa Miller I suffered from HG during my pregnancy. This woman does not need psycological help, she needs compassion. Unless you have been stricken with his horrible disease, nobody understands the torture it puts you through. It is truly a battle for your very life. When you are THAT sick, you are in no position to make solid decisions regarding the rest of your life. The attorney's in this case should be dis-barred for allowing this to happen.
1084. Melissa J. Crowder signed under duress
1083. gail farrell
1082. gail farrell
1081. Johnny I pray you will be reunited with your beautiful babies very soon...I pray for lenience from the judge so that you may be set free! I love you Allison! My heart weeps for you! Adoption reform NOW!! This is a tragedy fcr the most innocent ones,the children.....Free Allison Quets! She is a mother,not a criminal!
1080. Carolyn Owen What did that boyfriend, the cousin of the Needhams, John Gurley, get out of this adoption. Would be interesting to know, wouldn't it? Let her have the children
1079. dawn henderson A day is no time in which to make a decision that has lifetime consequences. A mandatory 6 month waiting period should be implemented and by God, this woman she be reunited with her children. As an adoptee myself, I am horrified that the court would completely overlook the rights of the birthmother in this case and am equally horrified that the adoptive parents did not, and do not have the honor to return these babies to the mother who has fought for them since prior to conception.
1078. Susan Yandle
1077. Elizabeth Ruben I personally believe this woman was significantly ill when she agreed to give up her babies for adoption. This adoption should be declared null and invalid.
1076. laurie pelphrey This shouldn't even be an issue. The children belong with their mother who obviously has the meands and love to take care of them.
1075. Rita Mcpherson Give the kids back to their mother..
1074. Craig T
1073. Moira McLean Having suffered this condition also, I know that there were times I didn't know if I could go on - and I was pregnant with only one child. Now that she's here, I am extremely pleased I fought to survive ... but it WAS a fight for survival. Both physically and mentally. Allison should not be judged for decisions she made at this time as we who have suffered this horrible condition know how many times our thoughts changed.
1072. Rebecca Jack
1071. Kimberly Jones
1070. Crystal Rieger Please give her children back. There are other kids who need to be adopted from situations where their parents don't love them like Allison loves her babies. Please reunite the Quets Family and find other children for the loving adpotive parents. That way everyone wins.
1069. Jessica Smith
1068. Carrie Copeland
1067. Kelly Goodbrand No one should take away a mother's children
1066. PM Doesn't anyone find it interesting that the Needhams have not said anything about why they deserve to keep these kids? Why they are better parents? How they can provide more for these children than their mother? Perhaps because they can't say anything that would convince anyone that they make better parents. Going back in time - it's obvious that this mother wanted her children since she went through a horrible sickness after fertility treatments. She has spent so much in legal fees. It's obvious she had the means to care for them. Has anybody really made sure the Needhams do as well? Surely they have legal expenses, too. These kids need to be with the mom who gave them life - she should be given the chance to have her kids now.
1065. April Scott People in government and in law MUST be made more aware of the illnesses in pregnancy - not just the sometimes debilitating physical illnesses, but also the mental illnesses. There is not enough compassion shown to women having difficult and sometimes life threatening pregnancies.
1064. melissa wilk
1063. Amber Moher Give this poor woman HER children back for the love of God and all that is holy. Has she not been through enough? If this woman suffered from Hyperemesis during her pregnancy, or was ill, she was doing what she thought was right at the time. If she is no longer ill, she should be able to have HER own children back ASAP.
1062. Janis Moher Give her babies back!
1061. Susan Moher
1060. Brett Fetter
1059. Melissa Tanner
1058. Laura Praying for justice in this case---- Now let the fear of the LORD be upon you. Judge carefully, for with the LORD our God there is no injustice or partiality or bribery. 2 Chronicles 19:7
1057. Angela Singleton As a hyperemesis gravidarum survivor, I can completely understand the turmoil she faced during the pregnancy and afterwards. I truly hope that she gets the medical help that she needs to heal from this horrible disease as the aftermath of it lingers both physically and mentally. I hope that an appropriate arrangement can be made so that she can have the legal right to be with her children, even if it's a joint custody situation.
1056. Denise I understand what you went through. I too had HG and went through hell to get my baby here. Unless you went through HG you have no clue what a woman goes through mental physical or emotional. I will always support Allison, but please take care of your self so you can take care of the babies WHEN they are returned to you.
1055. Tabitha Hillman As a sufferer of hyperemisis myself and a mother I am unable to express how horrified I am by this case. These people took advantage of a women who was going through a terrible illness. The facts of this case should make every American outraged that something like this can happen in our country. My prayers are with Allison and her children.
1054. Britt Pleasant
1053. Amber Corzine Free Allison
1052. Anne Boddie As a fellow survivor of Hyperemesis I know the horrible toll it takes on your body. Anyone who would take advantage of someone who just went through that just disgusts me. The courts should release the birth mother from jail, give her her chilren back, and prosecute the lawyer for his unethical actions.
1051. Jaime Gaudet I too have Hyperemesis. And know the hopelessness one feels. I think this mother should have her children!!!
1050. Natalie Farrell If Allison is unable to get her children back, it will be a total travesty.
1049. Maria I pray that you get your children back soon, will check for updates. God bless you and your babies.
1048. Jacqueline Moran I live in ireland and im horrified that this has happened I also had Hyperemisis gravadarum and sympathise totaly with allison how dare this happen to her you all should be so very ashamed of yourselves , i hope none of your family ever have a desises like HG , but then again maybe someone involved in this case needs to then you might understand how Hg debilatated yopu mentaly and physicaly allison was not in a mental or physical state to make a decision like that , shame on you all !!!!!!!!!!!
1047. Dana Medina I too suffered from devastating Hyperemesis, and understand how debilitated the mind becomes. Good luck, you are in my prayers.
1046. Tamara Lischka
1045. Kim Derryberry
1044. Shannon Kussmann Keeping her babies from her in this way is WRONG!
1043. Debra Davies Give Allison her babies back!
1042. Tracy Moser This breaks my heart..
1041. Barbara Stusse This lady is in my prayers!
1040. Lori Lamb I gave my daughter to my ex-husband while I got financially solvent after divorce and basically he stole her completely from me - when I tried to get a lawyer to represent me I was met with hostility. There is no recourse for this issue. Please bring it to light and let justice prevail for women who are disadvantaged after birth - either through depression, finances or other. Thank you.
1039. melba brown Please allow this lady to love and care for her children. I lived through with my daughter the same illness and I understand her feelings and actions
1038. kimberly carr
1037. barbara rivera
1036. kate dahlquist
1035. Mira Meriwether Please let the mother raise her twins! Give them back to her now!!!
1034. Corrin This is ridiculous. Allison should not be accused of kidnapping on the State or Federal charges. It amazes me that she is considered a "flight risk." Wouldn't that be exactly what the PROSPECTIVE ADOPTIVE PARENTS would hope for her to do...RUN FAR FAR AWAY? There is something terribly wrong with this case and adoption if you have more time to return a vaccum cleaner or car than you do a human being! Did she have independent counsel offered to her at all for this adoption...It doesn't look like she did. I hope this woman is soon free and her children returned to her. I hope they live a joyful life together. The videos of her with these babies shows that they are CLEARLY bonded and love their MOMMY!
1033. Crystie Leggett
1032. Robin Fuller
1031. Linda Peavey I totally agree with #957 - Marianna Leman. What a travesty of justice. Allison, I wish you the best of luck and I'll hope and pray that you get out of jail very soon and your kids are rightfully returned to you!
1030. A. Nash There should be a waiting period before adoptions are final to prevent more cases like this.
1029. Arianna Burney
1028. Aislin I have decided to leave the negative comments up. If you are stupid enough to add your name to a petition you don't believe in then so be it. Just so you know your name will be counted as supporting Allison. All comments are removed before petitions are submitted. Its common practice as far as petitions are concerned. So way to go! In your effort to put us down you supported Allison. Who the stupid one now?
1027. James Eatmon just our crooked system again
1026. line voided
1025. Marisa Sotolongo I hope that this Petition will help the Quets family be brought together.
1024. Ashley Taylor this is a good cause.
1023. Lynn Howard
1022. M. Melissa Morley The children should be with their mother, Allison, and should never have been kept from her.
1021. Andrea
1020. Margot
1019. Marilyn Cosper
1018. miss brat 2 you well the previous signature makes a stronger statement than mine..lol..but...i honestly believe that an injustice has been done here. this woman has fought a long and apparently expensive legal battle. who WOULD NOT GIVE BACK HER CHILDREN WITHIN A MERE 12 HOURS OF REVOCATION?? Shame on the prospective adoptive parents in this case. this is a national outrage!!!!!!!!!!
1017. Angel Hastings You know I was reading you INSENSITIVE JERKS' comments about this birth mother. Do you know that people LIE CHEAT AND STEAL TO GET WHAT THEY WANT???? Obviously not! I pray that God would allow YOU to be in a situation where you entrust the care of something precious to someone and they basically STAB YOU RIGHT IN THE BACK AND STEAL YOUR PRECIOUS BELONGINGS. I cannot believe you idiots are telling this birth mother that she should just turn the other cheek... oh you guys are ridiculous. Why don't YOU flee to another country and make more room in this nation for TRUE caring and sensitive and peace loving CITIZENS. I am appalled that you would tell this birth mother who was SWINDLED to go on her way. YOU PUTZES...however you spell that. Furthermore, re: her BREAKING THE LAW.... you jackass...don't you know that just because the law says its ok, DOESN'T MAKE IT OK OR RIGHT. So it's the law you can stick your penis in a man's well... get the picture you IDIOT) so obey the law yourself and go get you some
1016. Reverend Belinda Puntanen-Miller Free the Babies and Return Them To Their REAL Mother Who Loves Them Very MUCH YOU JACKASSES!
1015. Nancy E Rogers In Florida, you have more time to change you mind on a financial transaction than you do when signing over a life. How ridiculous is that!
1014. Suzanne Drapeau
1013. line voided
1012. line voided
1011. Alison Williams I know Allison and she is a wonderful person who was completely tricked and taken advantage of at a desperate moment. If you think otherwise, you haven't truly read what happened and the circumstances. She is absolutely suffering in a county jail in Raleigh, NC that isn't fit for a dog must less a human. Give her babies back and get her out of this place. Alison Williams, Raleigh NC
1010. charmaine moore Those baby snatching social wreckers will stop at nonthing to get HWI's for money.
1009. Gail M. Thorpe These babies belong with their birth mother! Abusive parents are given second chances and get their children back - this woman has not abused her children and deserves to have her babies back!
1008. Cam Mrs. Quets deserves her babies...as every single mother does. Have you ever looked into your mother's eyes? Listened to her? Do you carry whatever she tells you around inyour head and your heart? I do, because I love my mom more than the world, and nothing will ever, ever stop that. We've had tough times, yeah..so what..she's my mom, and nobody can take her from me..just as nobody can take me from her. Why do you think kids who live with their adoptive parents search for their real ones? Everyone who has really stopped to realize just how strong and powerful and moving that mother-child bond is, knows deep down that those children deserve their loving and dedicated mother more than anything. I don't know...ha Webster is lame because the right words don't exist to express that love...But you know it...Let those babies know it. Let that love shine through their eyes when they look at their mommy...it's the best thing in the world.
1007. mpowers I can't believe the court system.How can this happen in the united states?How can these adoptive parents look these children in the face and think they have done the right thing?How can they steal another persons baby?Do they realize these children will know one day what they did.
1006. Bergitte Nielsen You are the one who brought these children into this world.You prepared, you planned and you saved.You went through the physical strain of invitro which I am sure you endured painful shots each day.You gave your heart, your soul, and almost gave up your own life for these children to live.I can only imagine how scary it must have been for you to throw up blood several times and go through Post Partum Depression.The feelings one gets from those two conditions are so temporary, yet when one is in the middle of it they can't see clearly and see that things will get better.You recognized right away that you made a mistake and the Needhams were wrong to not send them back to you at that point.They're selfish and have no real concern for what truly would have been best for those children.They wanted them so badly, they took them from the arms of their true mother, instead of giving you the help you needed.You just needed love, therapy, and time to heal your wounds.Instead they created wounds that will never heal.
1005. Suzanne Headrick you are in my thoughts
1004. Tracy Calmer Adoption is for children who need homes, not for people who need children. Clearly a case where the best interest of the children and their mother is being overided by the booming business of the adoption industry. Sick and evil.
1003. Brenda Allison needs a new lawyer in FL and NC. This is not getting anywhere . Please is there not a person in the courts that are adopted that have had to search for their real Birth Mother?
1002 line voided
1001. John Wilson No Matter How the Courts May Feel - They are her children.
1000. Ashley I personally think that she should get her kids back! I mean a mother sould be allowed to get back her kids...i mean only a few hours she signed she decided she made the wrong desicion?!! cmon people we all make wrong descions and then realize hey i dont want to do this!! this is a mother who thought she couldnt take care of her kids...then realized she could! YOU SHOULDNT MAKE HER SIT IN JAIL AND SUFFER BECAUSE OF A MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK SHE SHOULD BE SPENDING TIME WITH HER TWO ADORABLE TWINS!! THIS IS SOOOOO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
999. Jana DeFreece I am an adoptee and I can tell you after alot of research and a reunion with my own birthfamily that you are making a HUGE mistake. The adoptive parents may be loving wonderful people. I'm sure that they are as were my own adopted parents. But no-one can take the place of a birthparent. Those children will always feel a void~A void that can only be filled by a natural parent. Trust me on this.
998. Jamie
997. Myra Higgins Good Luck Allison Hope my signature helps.
996. susy mallin
995. cheryl roberts and shes charged with kid napping. in my opinion the state and adoptive parents in this case she hold those charges. i do not feel for the adoptive parents at all. how dare they even begin to think there pain is greater. give this woman back her babies. if a person realy wants and needs to adopt, then adopt the children that need a family. stop the legalized stealing and legalized selling of babies.
994. Kathryn O'Leary Children belong with their natural parents... end the damage that will occur to those babies if they are removed from their mother. She has done nothing wrong!!!!!!!
993. Robert Duttera Children belong with thier mother!
992. Suzanna Savukas-Duttera I lost my family to adoption in 1968. In 2003 I was reunited with my birth father after 34 years of searching. Adoption took everything from me.. my identity, my parents, my soul. I am only now beginning to heal from this incredible loss.
991. kathleen murphy I also am going through an adoption and really dont want to but i feel that i have no choice as i cannot get a lowyer to help me and they are determined to make this final because of an abusive relationship with their father.. i am currently getting married to may fiance and have a one year old with him that i was allowed to keep..as she has a different father,, I want my children so bad it hurts!!!
990. Joanne Wilson
989. John A. Hatzitolios I Think This is A Travesty and Allison should be given leniency and have her children returned to her with some access for current care givers.
988. Barbara Smith
987. Leslie my heart breaks for those children, when is anyone who is involved going to put those children first
986. Susan Nielsen My mom signed and this is more of my letter/. The facts that have been shown thus far, lead me to believe she was a very ill woman who was "guided" or "manipulated" into giving up her only children by Mr. Shorstein. She rescinded her decision within the lawful time frame and yet because of this Lawyer, she still doesn’t have her children back. What can be done to protect the birthmother’s rights? If no one enforces the law that they can change their mind, why would any woman feel comfortable going down the road of adoption? The birthmother needs to know that her rights will be honored and enforced as well as that of the prospective adoptive family. Placing a child up for adoption is an extremely important decision and should only be done when a birthmother has the physical and mental strength to weigh the consequences of her decision. Allison Quets knew she was physically unable to care for her children and she simply wanted what was best for them. Doesn’t this make her the best kind of mother there
985. Jaren Angerbauer My letter to the Honorable Judge Peter Fryefield/I am writing to you today to ask the lawsuit against Michael Shorstein on behalf of Allison Quets be unsealed. It would be different if the adoption case was finalized and all of the questions surrounding it were answered. There are so many different stories being circulated between the media and the opposing sides of the case that the public would like to know the truth. This case is important and will have a major impact on many adoption cases to come. Many women feel they have been denied their rights to regain custody of their children, even when they have followed all of the proper procedures. I personally feel strongly that Allison Quets’ voice deserves to be heard. According to her website, the FBI Agent who testified at her hearing recently, had interviewed people who openly disliked and disagreed with Ms. Quets. Of course they are going to say negative things about her. Let us hear the truth! Thank You!
984. Heather Hofmeister
983. sarah i just saw on the web site where you can make a donation to the legal fund. i am a single mom who almost got talked into adoption. i don't have much but i have donated in honor of my son. i hope everyone who signs this petition will do the same thing. 400k...after all this and a mere 12 hours to see with clarity that she would find a way to do what God called her to do, which is to be the loving mother of these precious babies??? come on, 10 bucks for justice people...if i can, you can too. that's less than two trips to starbucks and tips!!! :-)
982. Nikki W. Let these babies be back with there BIRTH mother.
981. Annie Demarest
979. Gail Archer
978. erin emberley Best of luck to Allison and her babies
977. Pamela Black I pray you get your children back soon!
976. Sherri Gabel When is the public going to realize that we have created a giant money hungery system that does not care how it accomplishes its ends? These children need to be returned to the mother and the courts need to repay the $400,000 she has paid out to fight a battle she should never have had to fight.
975. Lisa Angerbauer I support her 100% I will help in any way I can
974. line voided
973. Denise Doolan MSW
972. Janet Davies Hello Allison! I live in Jacksonville Florida. If you need a place to stay or someone to come with you to show support email me. Good luck!
971. Becca Hill
970. Diane D'Ambrosio
969. Pat If the Nedhams really cared for these children,they would stop all of this and give those children back to Allison the real Mother.
968. Kasee Smith as a current hyperemesis sufferer, I can understand how Allison was worried about her health and the future of her children when she signed adoption papers.
967. Mary Agee
966. Lisa Apparently Florida adoptions are gaining in media attention..for example the Rashad Head case. I also read about another adoption in Ohio, the Stephanie Bennet case.
965. Amy Pendleton Give this lady her children back. She should have the right to revoke her choice of adoption as long as it is filed in a resonable amount of time after the papers are signed. This is crazy!
964. Mary Barclay I am an HG survivor. Don't judge what you have not been through!
963. Pattie Reed
962. Rebecca Crane Please return the babies to their mother!
961. Rebecca Crane Please return the babies to their mother!
960. MIKE CRAINE I can't believe the court systems.Ients.I can't believe these adoptive parents.How can they in good conscience keep these children from their mother.They belong with their birth mother.If there is any justice she will get her children back.
959. Rosalind King these children belong with their own mother....not a would be....
958. Gail Sillaman
957. marianna leman the FBI verified at Allison's bail hearing that the Tyler and Holly's legal last name is Quets. Additionally, they verified that Allison's parental rights have not been terminated. Seperatly, the Needham's are intermediaries, not adoptive parents, as the adoption has never been finalized.
956. M.Johnson The Needham's are the real criminals here. This woman has a university degree and a well paying job she was obviously duped into giving these children up to the highest bidder. The state of Florida should be ashamed of themselves, but then again a "Bush" is their governor. When is someone going to stand up and make this right? Eventually, if these kids are not given back, they will hate the Needham's for fighting their mother. After all that Allison has done, these people don't care that she's spent her life's savings fighting for her kids.
955. Madison
954. Patrick Quinn I Really Think the Needhams should give the twins back and I want Allison to get out of Jail.
953. M. Cappelli Shame on the family who adopted these 2 kids. if it was me, I would give them back. Sometimes our desperation to have kids clouds our judgement of what's right and what's wrong. Alison should have her kids back.
952. Jeanne Henao
951. Jennifer(Mrs.Michael)DeFillippo These children belong with their mother; she wants to keep them ~ so what's the hold-up? Give them to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
950. Rita Allen
949. Thomas Fuller Those babies need their mom, give them back to her.
948. Leasha Fuller She has legal parental rights, let her out of jail and give her babies back. My heart goes out to you alison and your beautiful babies.
947. Gautaum Gaol She committed kidnap and international flight to avoid prosecution. THIS is a woman that would be trusted with kids??
946. S. Reinhard
945. Rudy Allen Prosecute the real criminals, try Brandy instead
944. kim sullivan
943. Jay Burris
942. S Anderson These beautiful children belong with their birth mother.
941. Ann Newell
940. Darla Newell
939. Jane L. Hirel Allison deserves to have her babies and her babies deserves to have their natural mother.
938. David Mark Wilson
937. J Brown If these children are not returned to thier mother, and given the love that only a mother can give, theit adoptive parents will end up with two children who hate them. They will find out one day that their mother did all she could to get them back and never gave up. They will learn that their adoptive parents would not let them be with their mother and kept them from her. It makes my heart sick to think of these people who only care for themselves and not the two beautiful little children in their care. It really shows selfishness beyond belief.
936. Erika Ponsford
935. Pat B We need to pray for the Judge that has made this terrible mistake in putting this women in Jail. This is not a crime to love and want the children that have been taken from her for money paid to a legal system.
934. Michelle Nault
933. Kara Dillon
932. Nikki Lamarre It is time to reunite this family and stop treating Ms. Quets as a criminal. She is a mother, who loves her children and deserves to be with them, watch them grow, and love her back.
931. Shirley Young Babies belong with the birth Mother!!!!
930. Joseph and Merle Wynne
929. Sandy Fetters Individual states get Federal monies the longer they keep a child (in the system)IV-E is one of them. Check out the states policy on this funding!
928. Donna E. Hawkins
927. Bonnie Fields
926. Dee Ward
925. Jay Truth: http://heatherrainbow.blogspot.com/2006/12/anonymous-account-of-allison-quets.html
924. John The adoption industry and lawyers: http://www.exiledmothers.com/adoption_facts/adoption_industry.html
923. Julie McMillan
922. Lauren Pederson This is so sad.
921. Doris Barclay
920. line voided
919. line voided
918. line voided
917. Cheryl Bouffard Allison is a great mother and I have strong feelings what she is doing. She loves her children and they should be with her.
916. Laura Twilley The twins belong with their birth mother! No question!
915. Rose Powers She is those babies mother and should be raising them. Putting her in jail is not right at all.
914. Sara Delaney
913. Ann Barrett what a system . Put a natural birth mom in Jail for loving and wanting her children. I hope and pray the ones who were behind this and urging Allison to sign can sleep good at night, I pray also for Allison to be freed from Jail . she is not a criminal .
912. Sandy Stickler
911. Jill Saunders She deserves her children. I can sympathize w/ the adoptive parents; however, Quets was taken advantage of and there comes a time when one must do the right thing. I pray she can be reunited with her babies and she has lots of support raising them.
910. Tracey Evers-Davidson I feel your pain Allison, I understand how you could feel so desperate that you resorted to such drastic measures. But keep your head up...trust in God and get a good Attorney. Lord knows when I was struggling through my 3 year custody battle for my then 2&1/2 year old son that I thought about running off with him. I had visitation, my ex had primary custody, there were moments when I thought about not returning him to his dad. Many people told me they would have done so if they were in my place, But I had another son and a new husband so the God Lord kept me level headed, and by his grace and lets not mention how many thousands of dollars, I won full custody about a year ago. I will pray for you. I will ask those who extended prayers to me to do the same for you.
909. Jeanette Schumacher Allison and her children belong together and she is being treated like a common criminal. All that she has done is to give her life for the welfare of her children; she deserves to raise HER children and they have a right to be with THEIR MOTHER. They will resent the strangers who took them from their mother someday and that can never be reversed. They are ruining the twins and everybody elses lives..
908. A. D. McGowan The twins should be given back to the biological mother. Both governments should work together to reunite the Quets family.
907. Jimmy Fetters Give her children back to her ,She is the birth mother that makes her the rightful mother.
906. Sheri Taylor
905. Mickela Roher Only a mother can fully understand what she is going through. Regardless of legal papers signed, a person should have a right to change their mind especially regarding their own children. She should be given custody of her children.
904. vicki It is such a shame that in this great country of ours, the USA that a mother would feel that she had to go such an extreme to be with her own natural children that Allison has had to go through. What about her right and the protection for her and her children. She is the one that chose to have these babies and she wants them... There is so many other children in the US waiting to be adopted that has no one wanting them. The adoptive parents can choose other children to adopt. This mother wants her babies. God gave them to her. Stop this insane injustice and do what is right. Reunite this mother with her babies and prove that there is still justice for what is right in this wonderful country that we live in.
903. Ashley I feel for Allison Quet I think it is terrible what she is being put through. I believe the twins belong with her and I think the adoptive parents are WAY out of line. Allison had obviouslly no other choice than to run to Canada with her babies. This is truly a Mothers love that only the natural mother can possess! We support you Allison, get your babies!
902. Dawn God Bless Her and give her strength to fight the system which unlawfully took away her children
901. R Kearney How could the Needhams keep the children knowing immediately that their mother did not want to give them up? Why would they fight to take someone else's children? And why would the state be so callous? What's wrong with this picture? Laws certainly need to be changed. These children belong with their birth mother.
900. Debbye Hicks
899. Judy Southard Please reunite the twins with their natural mother, please.

898. Teresa Marshburn
897. Vince Nguyen
896. line voided
895. sheri Personally I think that this isnt right for allison.I think she should be able to get out of jail && get her kids back.
894. Sandy Williams I trust the the hands of justice will see that Allison should be the one and only mother of her children
893. Clifford Sanders
892. line voided
891. line voided
890. Vernon Gales These children should be returned to their birth mother.
889. Alice Gales with so many unwanted children in orphans give these back to their mother.
888. Marina Szabo
887. Deryl P Pendleton
886. Donna L. Pantry
885. Nathan Black
884. pat williams
883. Kristin Edwards Allison, your babies belong with you and I hope and pray that they will be back with you forever someday soon.
882. Phil& Joan Soper Florida Judicial System of touch with Human Jurisdiction. This is an AWFUL botched case of ignorance and caprice. Amother and her children have a special bond. Adoption used to take years and counseling before a decision was made. This is Ghastly government overdoing themselves again ala Terri Shiavo. Blessing to the mother /and children.
881. Leigh Haase You are giving adoption a bad name...less mothers will go through with adoption if tactics like this are used. Give her children back!!!
880. Jayne Walther
879. TERESA PEARCE This is just to sad to imagine. Please give them back before it does more damage. A mother can never get over this.
878. Deana Flynn These children should have been given back to their mother immediately after revoking her consent to adopt. This is a crime. The adoptive parents should be charged with kidnapping.
877. Matthew Finlay
876. Marciana Paul
875. Andy Needle
874. Lisa Kivett They are HER children!! God Bless them all!!!
873. S. Hunt
872. Mary Lee
871. Alycia Ragey
870. monica crane I am having a hard time understanding the adoptive parents.If MS.Quets changed her mind only a few hours after signing adoption papers they should have given her back her children.What will they tell these children when they get older(if they get to keep them)about keeping them from their natural parent who wanted them.This is one of the sadest stories I have ever heard.I am shocked that these adoptive parents think this is okay.There are so many unwanted children in this world that need homes.Why can't they give these children back to a mother that does want her babies.The best of luck MS.Quets to you.
868. Simone N. Fleming
867. debbie cobb Give her back her children
866. Brenda Le Blanc Allison should be reunited with her children. Our legal system is so messed up! Her condition during her pregnancy and following should have been considered before allowing the adoption of her two beautiful children. Allison is not crazy and she is not one of these unfit mothers. May God be with her and hopefully she will have her children back in her loving arms again soon!
865. line voided
864. ricky yount
863. William F. Roberts They should be returned to the birth mother.
862. becky anderson
861. Sarah Lanza Quets allegedly revoked her relinquishment verbally within twelve hours and in writing within forty-eight hours. In my oppinion this statement says it all.....in addition to the fact that most states allow most parent 1 full week to several months to change their minds. Are there any lawyers out there willing to take this case on Pro Bono.....how can we as a community come together to help this woman would be my question.
860. Victoria Ferguson And return her legal costs to her!!!!
859. Kim Wanke
858. Julie Beavers
856. K.L. Perry
855. line voided
854. Tonia Richardson I think she should get her kids back. Good luck i'll be praying for you.
853. Chun Ae Lee The babies were God's gift to her. No man should try to take that away from her. In my opinion, the babies should be returned to their birth mother immediately so that they can live a nomrmal life as a family, as God intended.
852. Victor J. Fernandes These babies are not long enough time away from her to not having them back.After all she has the means to support them.
851. line voided
850. sherry give her children back, it is ovious she had a chemical imballance while pregnant. Any mother deserves her children if she is able to provide and is in a sound state of mind at this time.
849. Kenneth Vaughn
848. Vickie Severn Please let this beautiful and Gracious woman,have her kids back.I feel those babies were adopted at a time when they should not have been,she was sick,and clearly not thinking.I think the Needham's took advantage of this situation,all the way around.I mean they didn't even want to pay the medical bills!Maybe the Needham's should have went through Invitro,if they wanted a baby so bad,instead of taking advantage of a woman who was so very sick.Allison,I will stay on top of this story as I am hoping,it will change the entire adoption laws.One last thing.Adoption parents do not and can not Love a child like the birth mother,It's not like she gave them away and never wanted to be a part of their lives,like many mother's who give their kids up.A Birth mother,has maternal instincts that adoption parents do not possess.I know too many people who have been adopted and ALWAYS.go in search of their birth mother when they become of age..Allison you are not alone,be strong,pray,cause it's not over until it's over.
847. DeLina Murray-Bridgers She gave them life because she wanted them and had no control over her illness. Her children need her!
846. Dick Yates
845. Carmen Zepp Signed, a mother of two, currently pregnant with the potential of twins.
844. Tisha Pearce These children should be returned to Allison Quets!
842. sherry eshelman the birth mother has the right to keep her children...NOT adoptive parents!!!
841. Barbie Hedge
840. LOVING MOTHER Not only should she not get those kids back, she should be sterilized so she can't attempt to destroy any more lives
839. Marie Lee
838. Karen Bailey
837. Patti Sheehan Birth mothers have rights too
836. Mary Jane McKendry
835. Marie Yasika Give these children back to the mother that truly loves them She was victimized by the system that NEEDS to be changed.
834. Shawna Kaufman
833. Maria Brown
832. Elaine Perry
831. line voided
830. donald gibbons
829. Gabriele Jones These children belong with their mother.
828. Mitzi Fox Hopefully all the attention to this case will allow Allison Quets to reunite with her children permanently.
827. Frank L. Belote
826. Deborah The adoptive parents should consider how the children wil view them when they are old enough to understand what this is all about. I'm sure they will be proud of how their rmom fought for them and love her even more.
825. Susan Higgs This is one of the many reasons adoption should be looked at strongly.
824. line voided
823. line voided
822. Alison Satterfield
821. Are you all kidding 2? It is a very unfortunate situation and I cannot imagine what Ms. Quets is going through, how bad she must feel. I pray that she can one day come to terms with her decision and hope that one day the adoptive parents forgive her and allow her back in the children's life. The courts may treat her depression (or whatever her diagnoses may be) as a mitigating factor. And since she's probably a first offender, she should not spend too many years in jail. I would like to see a pardon used in this situation.
820. Cat Allison Quets was in no condition to decide the fate of her twins right after they were born due to a long and tiring pregnancy. If a lady was that sick for months during pregnancy, then that lady would be so relieved that her pregnancy was over so she was emotionally exhausted from the ordeal so she was in no condition to give up the twins for adoption. She made a hasty decision too early but the law should recognize that mothers who want to give their kids away have a certain time frame to decide the fate of their children AFTER they have had time to recover from a long and difficult pregnancy. Allison Quets has shown nothing but loyality and love towards her twins and the twins belong with her. This is not fair to Allison to spend all her life savings, and so on to fight for her birth twins...If this had been years later, then I would agree that she does not deserve to get the twins back but the fact that she immediately recognized what a mistake she made, there should be an exception. Good luck
819. line voided
818. Suzanne Give the lady back her children. She needs them and they need her!!!
817. ronnie steele Chidlren need to be with their real mother when possible. Give them back to their mom.
816. tonya steele GIVE HER KIDS BACK. They need to be with their real mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
815. Barbara Harden
814. marshall autry give the babies back to their mother.
813. Tanya Ferrera Please, please, undo the injustice to this woman and her children, and return them to her loving arms and home. It is what is right and fair. God's Blessings to all involved.
812. Staci Reaves I had the same disease and thought of putting my children up for adoption. The disease she has makes you feel helpless. Give her back her children.
811. Heidi Dragon Based on the information made public so far, Allison has been working to get her children back since the very beginning. If that is truly the case, i feel she should have her children. I understand the heartbreak for the Needhams, however it isn't likely they haven't been aware of the situation every day since they got the children. It is sad the system allowed the adoption to go through in the first place; and beyond that, that it has gone unresolved for this long after she changed her mind and/or made an appeal. The lawyer for the Needhams seems to be the "master manipulator" here with his descriptions of Allison.
810. Tracey in NC
808. leeann
807. Julie Davis
806. angela blaskey
805. Brandon Brisson
804. Tiffani Brisson Please everyone pray that the children will be given back to their birth mother.
803. Susan Fate Just give the babies back to their natural mother. This family needs to be together and not separate.
802. Patricia Dragon She should have a second chance with her babies. This was all handled badly by the Needhams and everyone else involved. Give her back her babies.
801. Lisa Townes
800. Mary Chapman Cameron
799. Kimberly F. Bulluck I think Allison should get her children back!
798. Wanda M Barton
797. Janette Good Luck
796. James Coley Corruption has once again prevailed and in this case it has destroyed a family. Bring this family back together.
795. Herb Lett Reunite the Quets children with their birth mother.
794. Juli Lett Our prayers are that Allison will be reunited with her babies.
793. T.J. Pappas reunification between mother & children is essential
792. Teresa Villanueva The babies belong with their natural mother.
791. Daun Conrad I know what the legal system does to people! It can be a nightmare. Give Allison Quets her twins back!!!
790. Despina Boinodiris
789. Paula Settle Most states have a 7 day waiting period for
788. Julie Richards As a mother I cannot fathom the heartbreak of Allison Quets.
787. Rebecca Black I think Allison loves her children, made an emotional decision and was probably encouraged to give them up by her friend, since his relatives would get them. I am praying that her children are returned to her, they deserve to have their natural mother raise them.
786. Cortney Hall
785. Becky Black why would anyone want to keeps someone else's children that loved them as much as Allison? Children should be with their natural parents
784. Patricia Wigington Give her babies back!!
783. Tricia Collins The Children need their mother ! If not given back to her as they grow up they will hear her story and want to be with her. This will make them resent anyone that tried to keep them from her.
782. nancy strickland
781. Melinda
780. Tamie Ramsey It is situations like this that ultimately cause chidlren to be neglected and abused. Allison knew she couldnt care for her kids at the time and she did the best thing that she knew to do for them. Had she not done that, what may have happend to her babies while she was dealing with her illness? She did the right thing and should definately have her babies back. Cases like this may cause moms to keep the kids even when its not the best thing out of fear that they cant change their mind or get them back when they are better. I know that it is hard on the adoptive family to let them go but maybe they will find it in their hearts. What kid wouldnt want to be with their mom? I dont know all the facts of the case but I think Allison should have her babies back. I know that it was hard giving them up but at the same time, she made the best decision she could make at that time. give her Credit and her beautigul babies! I am glad that she is well now and that she didnt give up on her kids!
779. Frances S. Morris I think she has been taken advantage of and am sorry she made the decision to go into Canada. She hurts and for that I feel bad. Her children need her. The adoptive parents were "slick willies." The attorney should be investigated. Her life has been devastated by this adoption and the illness before the twins were born. Parents who give their children up for adoption should have more than 72 hours to change their minds, at least 30 days. Parents who wish to see their adopted children should not be under scrunity unless they are proven unfit by the courts. As the mother of these children, she should have had their medical information prior to each visit in case of an emergency. Under the circumstances surrounding this adoption,she made a bad decision to go to Canada, which was done out of love for the children and she is a not a criminal. She should be free and have to do community service, not serve time in jail and be humiliated any more. She should get her children back.
778. allyson smith I feel horrible for what Allison Quets has gone through in trying to get her children back, but I have to say, she did not help her cause by taking the children to Canada with the intent of not returning them. She should have used the courts and her lawyers to continue her legal fight to get them back. Now she sits in jail with no bond and may never get her children back now because of her actions. A very sad case all around.
777. Cheryl in NC See what happens when you force a birth mother into a corner, she said NO to the adoption, and NO means NO!!! The state of FL should be the one in trouble, not this mother & her children. She went to great lengths & expense to bring these children into this world, only to have the ripped from her life. All of this could have been prevented had the FL legal system not failed this family. It's sad that she had to flee the US hoping to gain understanding & legal support.
776. Erin W Johnson
775. Paige These children must be returned to their mother. It is clearly a case of red tape being dragged out by the adoptive family and they are the ones causing harm on the children. I feel so badly for allison. I pray her children are returned to her.
774. Gizelda Willard
773. Jackie Thorpe I have to question the ethics and character of the adoptive parents. What kind of person would refuse to return a child to its mother immediately after its birth? Our courts are WRONG. Adoption cases must stop dragging through the courts. A recent decision has reversed a placement after seven years! I admire Ms. Quets restraint. For 17 months Florida's "Justice system" has tortured her by withholding her babies.
772. Patsy Hairr Please let this mother have her children
771. Renae Waldkirch Please return these children to their birth mother. I believe Allison was taken advantage of because she was single and medically fragile after her difficult pregnancy. I'm a single mom who survived post-partum depression, and I know the feelings of fear and hopelessness associated with being in that dark place. Allison, my prayers are with you.
770. J. Jackson I cannot believe the Needhams did not give the twins back when she changed her mind. The twins had not had a chance to bond to the new parents at that point. How selfish of the Needhams to put the kids through this.
769. Linda K. Horton
768. Teresa Atkinson The children should be returned to their birth mother. I am sure the adoptive parents are great parents and love the children very much. This is a difficult situation for all involved. However, the best interest of the children is what must be considered. Allison Quets is and always will be their mother. Regardless of whether or not the children grow up with her in their lives, they will always have and feel that bond. They will love her and they will need her in their lives. Children want to know where they came from. They want to know who they are. To keep them from their mother will leave a great void in their lives and will be more harmful to their emotional state of mind.
767. Robin Malish I pray for you every day! May God Bless you and help you in your fight!
766. wanda flanagan
765. Beth Mix She clearly changed her mind very early on that should have been the end of any adoption efforts by the Needhams. I wish Allison the best and her children be reunited with her.
764. Jessica Kibe
763. DeAnna Grady
762. Sarah Brown
761. sarah Aschenauer
760. Michelle McLamb
759. Christa M. Sherrill I was adopted and feel whole-heartedly these children belong with their mother. If the adoption is NOT finalized and she is able to care for them and provide a good, loving home there is ABSOLUTELY no reason on this earth they should not be with her.
758. Lenora Gregory I know the Needhams must love these children, but how can they keep them from their natural mother. Let Quet pay back the money for her medical expense and give her back the children.
757. melissa harris
756. Linda Norberg I pray that the twins will be reunited with their birthmother. It is their right. Please for the sake of the children, give them that right.
754. Sherry Bastion Though my heart goes out to the Needham family, I believe the twins belong with their birth mother who clearly loves her twins and would have made different choices if her health had been better at the time she was resigned to make her difficult decision.
753. Roy Kanne
752. Carl B I actually feel sorry for the Needhams because of the hate and anger those children will feel for them once they are old enough to realize what they did to keep kept them from their birthmother. I hope Allison hangs in there because, no matter what happens in the court system, that day will certainly come and the children will want to be back with her. The vile, selfish behavior of the Needhams is almost beyond comprehension: they would rather keep those children to satisfy their “need” for children no matter what the cost for anyone else. Well, I hope they enjoy them now because they’ll probably pay dearly in the future.
751. Margarita Rice
750. Geraldine Kanne
749. Kelsey The twins still have her last name so the adoption couldn't have gone through! Give her back her children!
748. soccer dad She'll be great on Oprah.
747. Francie Henson
746. Nicki M. I am a firm believer in adoption and adoptive parents rights. However in this case it appears that she is being rail roaded and has been from the beginning. She needed assistence with multiple births not having them removed. She wanted children or she would not have gone through what she did. We have consistently been told about depression in new mothers. Don't people realize it would be worse for multiples and being older and also alone. She needed help, where was Florida's social services to HELP her? Common sense is needed here.
745. Carolyn Hodges
744. line voided
743. Faye Morris I think the twins belong to the mother. I have seen so many true stories how teenage mothers give their kids up for adoption only to get them back....and they were drug addicts and had only gotten clean for a short period of time! This is not the case with this lady.
742. Mrs. Mary Shadbolt
741. edwin m fulghum the twin babies are hers! give them back!
740. line voided
739. Joanne Bald I am an adoptive mother of 3 children and am appalled at what people will do to have children, at the expense of a birthmother. These are not the Needham's children and they never should have been. They should realize that they can't take children away from someone, They should realize their dreams of having a child by adopting one of the thousands of children who have been abandoned and have no one and are waiting to be adopted. I know the feeling of wanting to be a mother. Both of these women shared that same feeling, but how does Denis Needham live will her self knowing she stole the dream from Allison Quets to fulfill her own dream???
738. Angie Lynn Christian They need to be with the bio mother
737. Beth Am I missing something here? A birth mother (well educated, financially independent, not mentally ill) regrets her decision shortly after making it and she has to fight the legal system for months-in the process giving up her home, her carreer and now her freedom to get them back??? A comment in the paper said that she doesn't have the children's best interest in mind. She has given up everything for them. It seems the adoptive parents are the ones that don't have the children's best interest at heart-keep the children long enough to attach to them so then the kids can go through the agony of being taken from them, too, when Ms Quets wins custody back. Then the adoptive parents will self righteously proclaim-"how could she do that to these poor kids!" when they themselves were the only one who could have prevented the children's pain. These children will never forgive them for putting their Mom through this. SHAME ON THE COURTS for letting this travisty go on for so long, for making this woman suffer
736. line voided
735. Hank & Marie Huffstetler We believe the twins belong with their birth mother.
734. Bee Rutherford
733. Elizabeth Hairr The State of Florida should give birth mothers time to reconsider their choice for adoption before the adoption becomes final..
732. Abhinav How much love can the foster parents provide those kids when they themselves are so cruel. They can think of fighting a former friend and a mother to separate her from kids.
731. Marshall D rowe
730. Ritu Please do not separate mom from her biological kids. They are made out of her blood and flesh.
729. kitty styons
728. Evelyn Portz It seems very unfair not to have a little time to reconsider adoption. Even appliances have this consideration, and I hope a family is better than that. The natural mother should have her children. Let the adoptive parents find a child who has no parents, for there is much love to pass around.
727. David J. Breeding The birth mother has never completed the needed signitures, changed her mind about letting the children be given up. The children are hers! They need to be returned to their birth mother asap. The State of Florida should not let this improper game go on anymore and rule for the birth mother.
726. shirley olson Ms. Quets was pressured into making a bad decision and it is cruel and immoral to punish her and deprive her children of their mother.
725. John L. Owen
724. Jacob Lassiter Return the children to their birth mother. Legally right thing to do.
723. Wendi Lassiter This women went through invitro to have these children, She was weakened by a hard pregnancy and had those overcoming her to insist she go along with their plan, not what she had wanted her whole life. She signed those paper under duress. Give her her children back.
722. Lynne Kelly
721. carolyn walker I believe Allison should be given her children back. She loved them enough when they were born to do what she thought at the time was good for the babies. My heart goes out to her and the babies. They deserve to be raised by their Mother. I live in the Raleigh area, am a 58 yr old grandmother of 8. I would be glad to help her in any way I can.
720. Barry Cameron This is like a fast-talking salesman making a deal knowing he's the only winner of all concerned...which includes - first and foremost - the twins, then most hurt the Mother, and lastly the paying customers in Durham. Only the adoption agc. has benefited in this case. Everyone's so tuned in to the laws applied when they should actually be tuned in to the needs of the twins and the love that awaits them whole-heartedly from their birth mother. I feel the courts should reverse their goal in this case and let these kids be raised up by the one who brought them into this world in the first place. AND SAY THE HECK WITH ADOPTION AGENCIES that thrive at the expense of good Moms to be.
719. line voided
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717. Courtney Gray Give Allison back her twins. The real kidnappers are the adoptive "parents" who knew she had changed her mind only hours after signing away her rights. They may have done what was legally right, but moral law supercedes law when it comes to a mother and her children. She should have waited for the law to right the wrong, but who can blame a mother for wanting her children back sooner than at some judge's convenience? Good luck to Allsion and those beautiful babies.
716. Janice Wade As a grandmother of tripilets, the result of artificial insemination, I know a bit about Allison's illness and crisis. I PRAY she will be reunited real soon with her children, they need her, let this former self centered man go elsewhere to get children, some who need a home!!!!
715. Nancy Fontaine
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713. D. Aumen She was physically ill, not mentally........give the babies back to her.
712. Teresa Bedard
711. Julia Hoyt We all make decisions in the midst of emotional moments. Emotions sometimes cloud these decisions and there should be a window of time to change your mind.
710. Gail W. Lee But for the Grace of God, there go I.........
709. line voided
708. Linda Lowe give Allison's kids back
707. Betty Lynch give a mother a break
706. Carolyn Holisz May right and reason prevail in this sad case. Wishing you back what is rightfully yours. Best of luck to you!
705. Cindy Murphy
704. Mary Gay
703. Mark & Mary Jo Formosa , From Kingston, Ontario We had the opportunity to meet Allison Quets and Holly & Tyler. Allison is not only an incredible worman she is also a wonderful, loving mother to Holly & Tyler. We were able to see this first hand spending 5 days together with them.
702. Susan Riner God Bless Allison so she may stay strong
701. Wendy Give Alison her children back! its best for both children and mother.. Stop abortions and use those poor unwanted children instead!
700. John D. and Louise A. Goettsche
699. Muriel Turner
698. Rick Hagan
697. Brian DK I believe Florida needs to revisit there adoption laws.
696. Diane Putman As a child of an adopted mother, it was such a loss to never know my grandmother, especially since my mother's adoptive mother died when I was just a baby. I had no grandmother, but could possibly have had a fulfilling relationship with my natural maternal grandma.
695. AL KENYON I was a co-worker with Allison and know her to be a person of outstanding qualities. It makes no sense that she not be allowed to change her mind within 3 days to keep her twins. Other contracts that are signed give 3 days for recission.
694. Debbie Irwin Allison was deceived and taken advantage.
693. Pamela Gust
691. R.C. Gause Please give this Lady a break, she deserves it!
690. Andrew Micklos All of our hearts go out to Allison and we pray she gets the justice she surly deserves.
689. Elise Thomson return these children to their rightful mother
687. Sylvia J. Fernandez Mother should be given her children
686. Gayle Richardson As an adoptive mother, I believe these children should have been returned to their birth mother when she initially changed her mind (within hours) and rescinded. That would have been in the best interests of these children.
685. Polly Voss
684. Bonnie Norris, R.N. I am an OB nurse and have seen this happen before with babies. It is a crime that must be stopped
683. Mary Thompson it is sickening what the justice system has done to this woman, when a birth mother says no and changes her mind within the revocation period, the prospectivev adoptive parents should return the baby, who is guilty of the crime of kidnapping, The Needhams took these children to NC, the returning state should have honoured the 7 day revocation period, they did not, Allison should have not had to face the legal fight of her life, Give her chidlren back, Now these greedy people, want her house, her money, her assets, when will this stop! When will " in God We Trust" the Court System begin to work for Allison" Wake up America and start helping your people! Give your children what they deserve, a mother who loves them, it is the only way we can support and foster a brighter tomorrow, we must invest in family values and integrity! Florida State Justice System should be ashamed of what they have done to this family! The legal profession has a terrible stain on it! Fix this!
682. Pamela Boord
680. Sherry Huck
679. James Miller (Florida) My heart breaks for you Lee, you're in my prayers.
678. Carla McElroy
677. Susan Jenkins tragedy
676. Robin Denison I live in FL. Please respect the parent-child bond
675. Amanda White
674. Sharon Smethurst Let the kids go to their mother who loves them. In a world where there are millions of kids in need of adoption because they have noone to care for them it is inconcivable that a couple reserves the right to separate a set of twins from their loving mother. If they want to be care givers leet them give care for those in need. STOP THIS APPALLING legal fight. Return the children to their LOVING AND CAPABLE BIRTH MOTHER.
673. Chad Clendinen
672. Donald Give this mother her babies back. Give these children there birth mother back.
671. Leanne Howse I don't understand why there is two different time frames associated with the adoption of your child. So, if they are 6 months and older you have two days to change your mind, but if they are infants there is no time to change your mind. The fact of the matter is she is the biological parent who suffered enough pain during the pregnancy. Clearly, she was not herself when making the decision and wants her babies back. Give her the children back and stop this bullying. I am absoutely sickend by what I read and believe firmly that Allison deserves her children. The Needhams need to change thier minds!!!
670. Lori Schneider I think that people become desparate when it comes to children but if their mother wants and loves them as she seems to that is where they belong and you can not kidnap your children if you mean them no harm
669. jeff palaschuk What kind of monsters do not return children to their mother when she changes her mind hours after giving birth? The Needhams make me sick.
668. rhonda palaschuk this case is reminiscent of the decades that women were forced to surrender children against their will. Those children were removed from their mother under the same techniques used on mothers in the decades before roe vs wade. Possibly she was overwhelmed by the thought of two children by herself and heard society say "you can not do this by yourself." Whatever the full story is, Mothers should have at least 30 days to decide and to get medical and emotional support. This is an assault on Women because a judge has decided that two parents are better than a single female one. As far as I am concerned Tyler and Holly were kidnapped by the Needhams who are not their parents and never will be. Parenting is about love not about fufilling their own needs.
667. Lisa Bertisch
666. Mary
665. Christina Felty Holly Springs, NC
664. Erika Himmelberger
663. Clare King
662. Dianne McLeod Although I do not generally agree with bio parents wanting children back, this case is different. If the Needhams love those children they will return them to their mother.
661. Holly Brown
660. J. Silver I hope this lady is allowed to have her children back and I hope a close relative saves all of these news stories for the children for when they start asking about their real mother/and they will!!!!. . At least they will know how much she loved them. Just maybe they will be able to be together for Christmas someday under better circumstances.
659. Sharon Smethurst I have been priviledge to know Allison somewhat throughout her legal battles for the return of her kids and am disgusted at the refusal of any "governing powers" that refuses to reunite these children to such a LOVING mother.
658. Samantha Bradley
657. Pei Chang
656. Melanie Temoshenka
655. Marlena Fejzo
654. Marie Sawyer The lawyers, judges, and the court system should be ashamed of how they have treated this family. Maybe the attorney general should launch a VERY intense investigation into the practices of this Jacksonville attorney.
653. mike froese ubelievable i can not believe the idiocrocy behind some of these laws.This law must be changed.
652. Shannen Wieler Every child should have the opportunity to be raised by their mother, if the mother is fit; and SHE IS FIT!
651. Jenn Wieler This should not happen to any woman or child. If those children do not get to go back to their mother, those children will one day resent the law. What kind of a law is it anyways? Unbelievable! They will also one day end up hating their adoptive parents for not allowing them to live with their own mother.
650. Lisa Cavanaugh Allison deserves Justice and should be allowed her twins back.
649. Barbara Ferrarini I am Allison's friend.....this hurts my heart to have her and those beautiful babies going through this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reform Florida adoption law!!!!
648. William Aronis
647. Janet LeConey
646. Mary Daniel
645. Jamie Cosenza I think it's about time something like this has come to the media's attention because adoption corruption has been behind closed door's way to long! In some cases it takes one person with a huge heart to bring something out and unfornitalty it landed on this womens shoulders. I pray to god she wins and this shows people what adoption process and the system is really like and starts to put the end to the corruption of the lies and deceit of our so called " Loving Choice"
644. Rebecca Ramirez
643. Marsha Hazen Allison is such a sweet person. She deserves to have her children back.
642. Molly Del Vecchio
641. Michelle Roberson give her children back
640. Lisa Mack
639. Connie Mack
638. Linda Clausen Ms. Quets made an uninformed decision when she was very ill. Even though Florida law, and every State law should give a birthmother more time to change their mind, Alison Quets, in a physically sick state, changed hers in an appropriate amount of time. She should be freed and her children returned to her. This is an eye opener for all States to be put on notice. A woman should not be signing away a child before the birth, or while she is in hospital. She should be given at least 30 days to change her mind. So many states have 0 days for a woman to change her mind. This is true injustice for the child and the birthparents. The only reason for having a law where a mother (or father) signs her baby away before the baby is born, or the day the baby is born, is to make it easier for adoptive parents not to be disappointed. What about the baby, its heritage and the birthparents?? We should be looking at how all these laws were passed!!!!
637. Chandra The world has yet to acknowledge the absolute right of the child to his/her mother. There is a real cruelty being imposed on Ms. Quets and her twins.
636. alison grunberg
635. eleanor rose
634. Keith Larsen As the father of a beautiful, blond, blue eyed little girl who reminds me very much like Holly, I believe this is CRIMINAL what the state and the Needhams are putting Allision Quets through. A child belongs with THEIR mother, especially a MOTHER who drained her savings to keep them. The Needhams need to look elsewhere for children.
633. melissa
632. Rebekah Jones This horrible case shows the corruption in the adoption industry. Families should be supported, not ripped apart.
631. Desiree Becker
630. Gina Davidson
629. Margie Pregent I am adoptee; Birth mom should have her children
628. stacey fournier She obviously wanted to be a mother... she had invitro!!!!!!
627. Jennifer
626. laurie freitag if adoption was not finalized, mother went back the next day, consent signed under duress, children should have gone back to birth mother
625. gord curtis
624. Sherry Emond I am outraged that there is no law in place protecting the birth mother. Allison Quets revoked her decision LESS THAN 24 HOURS after she signed papers. I think it is time to review adoption laws in Florida, and elsewhere in the U.S. where there is no 'grace period
623. Shawn Kelly (Ottawa, Ontario Canada) Is there a legal defence fund ? where are donations being accepted ?
622. elaine freitag babies should go back to birth mom621. Kim Burns I have been following this story for over a month. I hope so much that Ms. Quets has justice served to her by having the adoption overturned!
620. Michael Fidler Set her free! Give her the children!
618. Diane Coghill return her children to her
617. Jeff Nash Allison, you are in our prayers and the prayers of so many of your friends
616. Jay Pandit Be strong, Allison. I have faith in this humane society to recognize what is right and natural, and to impress upon its government(s) the same recognition. Right will prevail, you will prevail.
615. Lisa Lizanich The kidnappers in thei case are the Needhams, Allison Quets deserves her children back legally and morally. She should have been given them the minute she asked for them back.
614. Erin Ahles
613. Ronna SHAME ON THE ADOPTION SYSTEM and people who have the nerve to go to any extent to seperate mothers from their children and then call it in the childern's best interest....SET THIS MOTHER FREE AND LEAVE THEM ALONE.
612. Maria Greth
611. Sandra Hanniman
610. Kecia Klob
609. Jaquita A
608. Linda Morrell
607. Ayanna N. Waller
606. auburn casey williamson A baby belongs to the mother until the adoption decree is issued and FINAL
605. Alicia Suzanne Estis no woman should be punished or taken advantage of because she is suffering from post partum. Laws should be put in place that mothers who are suffering should be helped not have their babies manipulated away from them.
604. Shirley Beckon
603. Raymond F. Nugent Adoptees coast to coast should take a stand for Allison and her twins.
602. mary phillips
600. Bette Failor Alison has harobored these children in her heart for years.Only a mother who has experienced the stress of childbirth could understand her plight. She deserves to be forgiven and the children returned to her.
599. Kelly Hiller
598. Cheryl Doughty
597. megan beckon
596. Heidi
595. Thelma Fligel Allison Quets should be reunited with her twins. She had the right to change her mind and the legal system should protect her.
594. karen nelson there's nothing stronger than a mother/child bond
593. Brendan
592. Jackie Jones Allison is a good friend of mine and I support her 100\% on this matter.
591. Jeannette Weinbrenner As a hyperemesis sufferer myself I uunderstand her mental state when making this decision She was not in the a normal state of mind
590. Angela Crawford I also had Hyperemesis Gravidarum during my pregnancy and know first hand what it does to a person. This woman deserves to raise her children.
589. Tina Michalik
588. Crystal Walker
587. Cagla Cayir
586. Patricia Boland There was a recent legal case in Ireland and The Birthparents got their 2yr old Daughter back having signed,when to the highest court but Legally they won. Take the lead from us give her back her babies
585. Karen Wilton I was under the impression that the natural parents had a grace period in which to change their mind. This sounds like Allison was under duress.584. Diana Courtney
583. Suzy Efthemes Send these children home where they belong.
582. Bryan Holcomb
581. Rose-Marie Noa
580. Trace A DeMeyer Orphan Trauma is what this is and its abhorrent
579. Liz This is not right! I know women who have suffered from HER, and would be furious if this happened to any of them. Open an investigation so this woman can get her children back!!
578. Marylynn Bickley
577. fewelldj Time to treat mothers with the respect they deserve. Who is it that makes the sacrifices to give birth....for those law makers who do not know, please let me explain that it is the birth mother who makes life possible. Give these mothers the respect they deserve. It will not be long before you so called legal professionals scare women to the point that only the ignorant will give birth. Then what hands would the world be in? Decent women need respect and consideration in their difficult times such as postpartum depression that would make a woman give her child up for adoption before she is once again well after giving birth. WOMEN NEED RESPECT AS A MOTHER!!! The reflection of mistreating a mother is passed on to the self profile of the child. Stop beating up on birth mothers and stop beating up on their children through beating up on the Mother!!!!!!. A child gains when the mother gains. The mother is the one that gave birth not the one unable to give birth or the woman who married the child's daddy.
576. Debbie Lisk There is no replacement for a natural mother when this is possible. Looks like the twins natural mother is possible!!!!!!
575. CIARSTAN MC ARDLE adoption loss for the mothers is totally ignored and has always been ,It is deeply traumatic and most mothers never fully recover,the children also suffer that loss
574. Fatema Almarzouqi
573. DEB Walker SHAME. Give the babies back to their mother She needs them and they need her.
572. Loralie Holcomb
571. Bruce Hudson
570. Sarah Buso I lost my son to the adoption industry and never forgo and never told anyone
569. Miranda THIEVES
568. S Brodella
567. Andrea Brazeal I fully support the twins being with their mother. I gave up a child for adoption and believe that the birth mother should have the right to change her mind within a reasonable period of time. From every report I have seen Allison was not given that right. I wish her all the best and will pray that she gets her babies back.
566. Elaine Davies thert of children is illegal JAIL the laywers
565. Alan
564. Victoria Stark RENITE IN GODS NAME
563. Sandra Healy Holly and Tyler need their moms
562. M McLean
561. Esther Higgins
560. Susan These babys belong with their mother not an infertile woman. In the name of Justice reunite this family
559. Tamara M. Nanda As a two time survivor of Hyperemesis Gravidium, I know first hand exactly what it does to your body, your state of mind, and your judgement. The nausea and vomiting end with birth, but the recovery takes much longer! To allow someone to enter into a legal contract who is so physically, critically ill is absolutely nothing but criminal, and I cannot believe that this has happened! I can only hope that this mistake is corrected as soon as is legally possible!
558. Joyce Fowlkes Allison and her twins need to be together
557. Tyler Cress thier her kids
556. Debra Cress Allison has suffered enough, stop her suffering and her children's suffering and give her, her family back.
555. Rick Cress I find it unaceptable that a great U.S. State can be so backwards in thinking that children don't legaly belong to the mother. If this was a battle between a father and mother 90\% of the time the children would go to the mother.
554. Claire These twins should be with mammy and their mammy should be with them
553. Jack Ryan Adoption Sux for all but the Aparents, If children are a gift to the Aparents then let the Lawyers give their Babies instead.
552. Margaret Ryan
551. Sada Cushman
550. Kelie Scoville
549. Rach Kellier My friend lost her son to adoption 23 years .She has never forgotton him but he wont know that and tried so hard to keep him.Mothers need their babys too.
548. Gillian o Neill Adoption is never the solution for mothers who love their babies but lack support, GIVE HER BACK HER BABIES
547. Tina Hudson I had hyperemsis just like Allison Quets. I contemplated adoption just like Allison Quets. Adoption in the case of a hyperemsis sufferer is NOT a logical consideration because of the severe mental and physical trauma to the body. Those who encouraged her and manipulated her into this adoption were not helping her, or her children. I was stronger than the manipulative tactics used by people around me to get me to give up my baby and when I refused, I was treated even more poorly. Something needs to change, both for birthmothers AND for women who suffer from hyperemsis. Adoption is not a cure nor an answer to hyperemesis... neither is having your children stripped from you or threatened to when you have been suffering as long and severely as women with hyperemesis do. THE SUFFERING IS GREAT WITH HYPEREMESIS... Our children are our ONLY reward for this suffering and MANY do not even have that much due to miscarriage or other complications. I hope someday her children will be returned to her.
546. Bambos
545. Brooke Birthmoms are not incubators for infertile wombs.
544. Brid Crowley I lost my daughter to adoption 28 years ago, I had not choice.Mothers need their babys too.
543. moyra mcglynn
542. Sharon Shields Never give up
541. Cathy Norris This system Must be changed
540. Marianne Horowitz
539. Mary-Ellen Tucker
538. Cherie Diane Knight
537. Diane Penman
536. Patty Towle
535. Deborah Lavoie
534. Roberta Humphrey
533. jacky
532. Lisa Hassan How can the Needhams in good concience continue their quest to dismember this family knowing Tyler and Holly's real mom wants them and is able to care for them.
531. Colleen Urbach
530. Susan L. Campbell I do not have children nor have I ever had a strong desire to have a child. I am older than Allison but I cannot believe that in this day and age the laws of the State of Florida regarding adoption are so obsolete, cruel and injust.
529. Matt Morgan These babies belong with their birth mother.
528. Allison Marie Morgan I know this lady personally. She is a good woman who will do right by her children. The twins SHOULD be with their biological mother.
527. Karen Penman Stos Allison Quets deserves to be heard. This adoption was forced and the wrongs must be addressed and the children returned to her.
526. Chris McElroy Kidsearch Network, a missing children organization, supports the mother in this case entirely.
525. Melissa Garner
523. Cara (Schmidt) Fox Child stealing sanctioned by the courts. Sounds eerily familiar. Give the children back to their mother!
522. Jennifer Reichenbach This is an absolute travesty that this woman had to reach a point where she had to run away with her own children to protect her rights as a mother. My heart aches for her and I hope that justice somehow is served with the rightful return of these children to their mother.
521. Gale Giardino God Be With Allison - Give Her Kids Back
520. Richard Haumann
519. Claudia Cabrera
518. E. Gonzales My heart aches with pain from hearing your story. this is just another example of the injustices that our government chooses to allow. My prayers and hopes for the return of your children are with you. Stay strong, allow those who want to help you, help you and do everything you can to let this story be known.
517. Kim Quinn Laws need to be changed. Its stories like this that make me sick. Give the babies back to the Birth mother. It's the only right thing to do
516. Jeff Dowd Its a sick society we live in when children can't even be safe with their mothers. Do whats right and end this selfish, moneymaking scheme. Children can not be bought. Do whats right for these babies instead of what will line the governments pockets. We pray for your childrens quick return, Allison.
515. Victoria Q I could never love people who knowingly took me from a mother who fought to keep me. Give Allison her children back, for their sake. We feel for you, Allison. We are behind you 100\%.
514. Kim Skimming I was at the courthouse the day Allison was released. I don't believe that I have ever encountered anything quite so upsetting.My heart goes out to this stranger, who wants nothing more than the privilege of loving her children. As A mother, daughter and human being it sickens me to know that this poor woman is still without her children, this long into her battle with what is suppose to be a justice system. Where is the justice in keeping children from the one and only person in the world who can love them unconditionally. My children even understand the crime does not lie with Ms Quets, but with the courts who are slowly and intentionally killing this mother. Our prayers are with you and your children, Allison. Its about time justice prevails.
513. Wisnelia Ayala
512. Stephanie I wish you all the best!
511. sue morey i know mothers who absolutely want no involvement with their children, its very sad, so to see someone from the get go fight so hard for them is really a tear jerker that anyone could keep them apart.
510. Kim Keizer
509. Katherine Salvio
508. Stephanie Langdon
507. Andrea B. Allison deserves to have her children.
506. Debra K. French This is totally unbelievable, She surely deserves her children back. Those children are going to hate the ones that kept them aways from their real mother when they get older. I will pray to out Father in Heaven and claim it in Jesus name that this woman gets her twins back.
505. Linda Wright
504. Maurice Goldman
503. Hedy geist
502. Steven OLaughlin
501. Lisa Gerth
500. Kulwadee Yung
499. kimberly Ludlow With so much research done on understanding the hormonal changes a woman goes through during pregnancy it is known that women are not in a stable mind frame for such decision making so soon. Every new mom worries if they are prepared to raise a child, and this worry can only worsen if struggling with serious health issues. Why was she not supported by a social worker or qualified person to help protect her from this unjust situation occurring in the first place?
498. Beverly Palmer
497. Kathy Bollig revoction periods are there for a reason and NEED to be available for all states!
496. Donna Schoenfelder
495. James Mandenberg Give the children back to the mother, it is the natural and right thing to do. If not, the children will surely be angry with the adoptive parents when they are old enough to know what took place.
494. trish cochran
493. Nena Hanna
492. Christy Guerrero
490. jennifer we don't know what we got til it's gone. I wish you luck on your case.
489. Debi Van Slyke to men you have no idea the emotional changes we women go through i had made the decision to but my child up for adoption when she was born but before she was born i knew i couldn't do it, it didn't matter what everyone was telling me and god i was being pushed by the peop i was going through for the adoption. So i choose to marry a guy i had only been dating for a month so that i could keep my child and it would have two parents, that marraige lasted less then 2 yrs i can only say that i am a true believer that adoption laws should be change so that the child is in foster for 6 months in care to the adopted parents at their expense so that the birth mother has a chance for her hormones to go back to normal before she makes that life altering choice of signing those adoption papers, Friends encouraged me to wait so i wouldn't regret my choice and today my daughter is 24 yrs old and i have a beautiful 3 yr old granddaughter no grets here. we need a clear head when signing adoption papers, that's 6m after.
488. Paula J. DeStefano
487. Bernadette Cappa Please reunite this mother with her children......
486. Kim Simchik give her kids back to her
485. stephen zelinsky as long as there is a willing and able bio mother who can financially and emotionally support her children, then the interests of the children should be with their bio mother
484. marianna leman stop calling them Needham's. the adoption was never finalized they are and should always remain Tyler and Holly Quets. Somebody return these children to their mother!
483. Robyn Curtis Brooks
482. eva zelinsky let the mother have her kids back
481. Laura OLaughlin
480. Dorsie Harrison
479. Melanie Dalrymple-Lepore
478. Jill Simpson Please reunite the birth mother with her babies.
477. Jessie OLaughlin
476. Sara Abala
475. sherry graves
474. Elizabeth Wood
473. Tracy Storm
472. Elva Anderson Children are gifts from God to be treasured by their natural parents.
471. Erika Patrick
470. Paula Pereira
469. Paula Clarke, Counsel What a terrible injustice.
468. Cathy Henderson How can a mother who has revoked her consent be treated so badly. The way North Americans treat mothers is nothing short of barbaric. This would NOT be allowed to happen in Europe!!! I am glad I don't live in Canada or the States anymore.
466. Audrey Smith Nature is being denied. Give them back.
465. jeanie del sordo Please grant her custody of her children.
464. Penny Au
463. Pat The children are going to hate the Needhams for not giving the Mom her babies back.
462. Barbara Leisa Anselmo
461. C Vora The birth mother should have the benefit of doubt, especially since she revoked the adoption so quickly.
460. shauna eiriksson This story makes me sick! This poor woman!
459. christy a troutman
458. Andrea McDowell
457. C. Drew Baldacci
456. Cindy Partin
455. sondra nagy children should be returned to natural mother
454. Mike Ligeza Sounds like there's WAY too much politics going on here...The Judge and the Lawyer involved in this case should know better than this!!! Hopefully the dealings between the Judge,lawyer, adoptive parents and the local police will be made public for all to see!!!
453. Linda I believe the Needhams are ONLY out for what they want not for what is best for the children, which is to be with their birth mother
452. Sara I am a child and if this were me..I'd perfer to be with my natural mother..and would be very upset if I found out I was kept from her when she wanted me
451. Beccy Bayne
450. Angela M Tully
449. Margaret Harden
448. Kateri
447. Lisa Ambler
446. Suzan Bednarz
445. Elaine Marlene Forbes McCallum A mother who has nurtured a child in her body for nine months and has contributed half that child's genetic code is not there just until someone "better" (in the eyes of some agency) comes a long.
444. SandraDee This nonsense never would've happened in North Carolina! How could anyone ever allow the adoptive parents to do such a thing! It figures that Allison's boyfried is related to them. They aren't his children to have a say. Allison needs her children, they need her too.
443. tami kelly Please help this MOM....How could anyone carry those babies in her belly all that time & be okay without them? That's just not possible...She neds her children, just as they need thier
442. joe morley
441. Doug Price
440. Tishy Mason
439. Lisa Vilbrunt There should be a longer period of time for the birth mother to change her mind.
438. Summer Kramer I am an adoptee, bmom, amom and mommy! I feel that the children should be returned to the natural mommy!
437. Janet
436. Amy Lee Leindecker
435. gary willming
434. Elizabeth Steen
434. Elizabeth Steen
433. Linda Volk I have met Allison and am convinced that she was wrongly robbed of her children. She loves them and is their mother. She deserves our support.
432. Ursua ORourke I agree withevery word of the petition as a mother who signed on the dotted line and knows the effect of adoption personally.
431. Laurene Laureano I believe the adoptive parents should voluntarily return the twins to the Quets family, if they truely love them, giving them back to their birth mom would be in everbody's best interest.
429. Jenna
428. Barbara Wilson return the children to their BIRTH MOTHER.
427. Sarah Burns let the mother be with her children!
426. Grant Brison Stop wasting Tax dollars, and return the twins to their blood mother
425. Jill Auerbach Seems to be akin to kidnapping from Allison by authorites
424. Debbie VT As a birthmother, these children need to be with their family the "Quets".
423. Melodie Bennett
422. Kris Robinson I am pregnant with twins...I would hope if I was so sick...I would receive the care and concern needed from the system in order to make the correct decision.
421. kanwal j sidhu
420. Dorothy Lee By ALL Means this lady deserves her children
419. Margaret Mitchell Where is your Heart?
418. julie morgan-thomas they are her children no one has the right to take them and cause harm to the children
417. Don Hutter jR
416. tami corbin
415. Mr. &Mrs,Thermon Grimes I have an adopted daughter and had she chosen she could have found her bio parents at any time, she has not chosen to.
414. Teresa
413. Katrina Frye
412. Karen Wahl
411. Michelle Naylor God will judge in the end.
410. Michelle Sutton I am a birthmom, Adoption Reform needs to happen NOW!!! Ms Quets did what any good mother would do for her children, The state wasnt doing there job and she was forced to take the matter into her own hands! What a shame that her rights werent protected!!
409. D. L. Weatherfield As I understand this case, Ms. Quets still had parental authority of her children. If so, I don't see where there should be any question about who should have the children and she did nothing illegal.
408. Nancy Shaver
407. Debra B Worley what has happened to Allison is a travesty of justice. Please do the right thing and return her children to her!!!
406. stephen brush never take children away fromthere mother period
405. Sarah Ray for birthmothers everywhere- this woman has first right to her children. The adoption industry is a monster preying on women who love their children more than themselves. These barbaric practices must be stopped and birthparents rights protected.
404. Kristine Willden
403. David Gurule reunite this family!!
402. Angele Mayer give her her babies
401. Barry Lafantaisie father of an adopted child, how on earth can an adoption be done that fast? they should give the babys back to the mother, how can they sleep at night. What will they tell the children one day? They are NOT puppys, Children have a right to be raised in their family of origin.
400. Gail Sanders
399. Brie Zimmerman
398. sheila kelley
397. Kathleen Knox
396. Carol Underwood
395. Rebecca Roberts Adoption should honor the rights of the natural mother over the adoptive mother in at least the first month of a child's life. Vulnerable mothers should be supported, not coerced.
394. Lindsey
393. Karen Allen Dobson God Bless
392. Linda Duke Please give her children back
391. Deanna Kjorlien
390. Marianna Severson
388. Lauren Let allison be with her kids she deserves it!
387. Jacqueline Detrick Wherever possible biological parents should bring up their children, especially as in this case, the mother filed immediately to rescind her permission.
386. Mimi Lannen Our prayers are with the Quets family.
385. Kristine Keenan Good luck, Ms. Quets!
384. Bridget Gulka I am myself a birth mother, who actually has no real problem with adoption if it is done legally and above board. This to me is a case of blatant disregard for the birth mother within the time allotment she was by law allowed. Shame on the adoptive parents and the courts for allowing so much time to go by.
383. Leslie Mahon The twins belong with their mother.
382. Sheryl This is insane; reunite this family immediately!
381. Erica Allan
380. Cathy Shangas The bottom line is - these babies belong to the birth mother. The End.
379. Lester Olinde I wish you well!
378. Gabriella Zoretic
377. Stephen A. Pettigrew
376. Deidra C. Pettigrew Whether a meeting between a birth child and birth mother is good or not, it rests the thirst to 'know where you came from' and is everyone's right.
375. Kate Ann H. Biskind
374. Loukia M. Z.
373. windy sprouse i agree!!!!
372. Pat Knight This is a Mom who never wanted to part with her children, I'm sure she was pressured, Reunite the Family.
371. Delores Mitchell Fellow Birthmom who relinquished in 1965
370. M. C. Mosso The children belong to their biological mother. The state of Florida law on adoption is inhumane and not in the best interest of the children.
368. Cindy Ikens the childsren belong with the mother, give them back and show us the system can work
367. Kristin Marsh
366. Donna Stefanov
365. Dayle French
364. Chris Marte I am a Natural Father and I lost my daughter to adoption thru the coersive nature of the adoption industry in Florida, I wish the Quets Family all the best in their battle to regain the custody of their children, adoption does more damage than good, it kills families and destroys lives forever, especially the children, no one benefits except the adoptive parents and the industry itself!!!!!!! The industry does not care about the best interest of our children they only care about the bottom line, which is the almighty dollar, look how much money Allison has had to spend already to get her children back and still they have not been returned and she changed her mind only hours after their birth......All children of adoption should be returned to their Natural Families as this is where they belong!!!!!!!!
362. Candice L Canzoneri Infant Adoptions Must Be Abolished!!!!
361. Anne Patterson Adoption has never been about children, it is about adopters. This case shows the corrupt, illegal, and immoral horrors of adoption.
360. Barbara Bryan Clearly the children never have been Paper Orphans, either by choice or completed court order and are anything but kidnap "victims." Official trafficking in children, under color of law, should be beneath any and every state in America and not aided, abetted and financed by federal legislation and appropriations.
359. Lynne Don't give up!
358. Kathy M. Spera Adoption should be a choice not mandated regulation
357. Betsy Goodwin The twins absolutely belong with their birthmother!
356. marilyn wright they are her babies-she tried to keep them in th e beginning
355. Kerry Craig Walker More insanity from a country that throbs to the neurosis of religion
354. Cynthia Alexander It is with great sadness that I am having to participate in the written opposition of baby stealing in a country that considers itself civilized. Where is the morality of a country that would pray on a weak helpless mother during a time of need? My sympathy to the family that was given the children in their despiration to have children it sounds to me that they have become party to the theft of these babies.
353. Dolores Sicheri As an adoptive parent of two, I shutter at this coercion of the biological parents to relinquish their children. The adoptive parents should have returned the children immediately to their mother.
351. Ekaterina Ethier, P.Eng.
350. Louise Fisher it is unbelievable how many families this state has caused hardship to .. claiming they are protecting the children .. you are so correct in saying all someone has to do is inquire on adoption + they are all over that person till they finally are convienced this is the best thing for the child .. when there are family member willing + able to care for the child why would anyone think the child would be better growing up with strangers that have no idea of the family history .. i don't know of any person in their right mind, keeping money out of the picture, that would not want a child to stay in the family so that child could be raised knowing their very own family .. especially when there are siblings involved !!
349. Donald Jackson I feel strongly that birth mothers should be given help instead of being forced into giving their children up for adoption.
348. Diane Conn
347. Mike Conn
346. Lucy Jackson Heartbreaking situations are the result of the lies and mistreatment of birth mothers.
345. Christine Long this mother needs to have her children given back only 2 days after giving birth she told them no that she did not want to give her children up and wanted them back
344. Lillian Remmert The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is an international convention setting out the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of children. It is monitored by the Committee on the Rights of the Child.
343. Michelle Drake adoptive parent, read the Chosen, and leave the twins with natural mother. for the sake of the children.
342. Denise Looney return the children where they belong, with their natural mother. If I only knew 21 years ago what I know now I wouldnt have lost my only daughter to adoption.
341. Barbara J. Emmons Disgusted With It All
340. Elizabeth Weber from an adoptee - this mother WANTS her children- if you deny her of that the children will pay the price forever-
339. Barry Wartenberg
338. Barbara Pasternak this is coercion and baby stealing
337. faith stuart
336. john stuart
335. sherry crissman
334. Louise Divall Just give Allison back her children, and give the children their mother back...
334. Louise Divall Just give Allison back her children, and give the children their mother back...
333. Jessie Mcvicar They have hurt so many of us.. would it kill them to help a family for just this once?
332. Carol Carpec Legal kidnapping needs to STOP! Unfortunately this is not a rare or isolated case. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, until.......it does! My prayers to the Quets family. Justice IS coming! And....so is the final judge! Let's help make a change, support the only Presidential hopeful of 2008 who not only will listen to us, but is our political voice! www.klein4change.com
331. scott curry let her keep her famliy together
330. Terri Dixon
329. Art Webber
328. Sam Sears
327. Alan Rusmisel Justice is Coming
326. Joan Metz
325. William (Bill) J. Sears Come on, let's go! Is an unhappy family best for the kids?
323. Brenda Davis I say return the children to the birthmother.
322. Phyllis Ann Wagner this adoption should not be legal
321. Bessie Hudgins God Speed - I will keep you in my prayers.
320. tammi Farr Reunite the Quets Family
319. Natalie Dahl this abuse of first mothers coerced into adoption must stop. This mother who rescinded her decision allowig adoption cannot go unchallenged. The state of Florida must not be allowed to get away w/any more of their unjust practices
318. ingrid brink keep mom and babies together
317. Dwayne Sutter
316. Melissa Give her back her babies!
315. Janis H Osborne These babies need to be returned to their natural/first/real mother.
314. Sandi Boll Allison is no criminal - a mother who had her children stolen from her by a self centered man and his family! Give those babies back to their birth mother!
313. Amy Kalkbrenner
312. Andrea Lindstrom
311. Susan Rutherford I understand this woman's feeling. It sounds a lot like what I went through in NY state and I was 17 years old.
310. Paul Clark Time to put an end to the corrupt practices of the family courts and stop this travisty
309. Robert T McQuaid We all know the way to become a parent, a love affair, pregnancy and labor. We have to stop the legal process that claims you become a parent by filing papers in the courthouse. - RTMQ, Mattawa Ontario
308. Marj Branze This needs to be resolved now and the twins reunited with their mother, Allison.
307. Margaret Susan Hoffman LyBurtus she changed her mind and filed her request in 2 days, the courts need to reverse these cases imediately, instead they drag these cases out then argue that the child has bonded with the new family. It is a real shame and has happened to many birthparents
306. Nicole
305. Rose South She is the only one with custody rights!
304. Candy Eigenbrod birth mother just reunited with 40 yr old son
303. laura beall real mother & twins should stay together - those twins should not be raised in a pretend and fake family - give them their rights.
302. Anne licon-kemper I think she should get her kids back permanently. They are her kids not property to be bought and sold at the will of a lawyer. She obviously figured she was going to pass away and when she found out she was ok she figured it wasn't to late.Those people need to understand that that is HER blood, HER children, HER family and that it is horrible to try to deny someone that right. Those kids will never be ok without thier real mother.
301. Joyce Ramer Please free and reunite Allison Quets and her "baby twins"! This is not justice. This is coersion and bullying practices of a desperate barren couple and their accomplances. These are Canadian children brought into the world by God and who deserve to be brought up by their REAL MOTHER! Please Help Her and Her Children!. Thank You for taking the time to read this and for your assistance!
300. Terri Snyder, Nelson B.C Canada
299. Diane Atkins
298. laura clink my heart goes out to allof the parties involved- the birthmom, and adoptive parents and mainly the twins, everyone is hurting bt mainly the children are hurting. it is too bad it had to get this far that people have gotten hurt and will continue getting hurt in this situation. we all need to think of the future when it comes to adoption, I hope it orks out somehow for all involved, but like it or not she is their first mom and will always be, my prayers are ith all of you, may you be safe in this. by the way I am an adoptee of NY state.
297. Dean D. Willson Reunite this family NOW!
296. Robert Gartner Sounds like another sneaky deal to me just like the one recently where a fathers child was given away without his knowledge or consent.
295. Linda C. Willson This case breaks our hearts.
294. J Hopper
293. Allen Sarley
292. Linda Rakita What a horrible tragedy and travesty.
291. trisha mobley I will pray for you and your childreans return
290. Margaret Taylor
289. Cheryl Crowell
288. Juli Ochs
287. DEE JACKSON This is a such a heartbreaking story!
286. Josee Larose
285. Chuck Gardner
284. Susan Schnirring As a mother who was coerced into relinquishing my twin sons and whose sons afather slipped $1000 under the table to ensure the adoption in 1968, my heart is with this mother. 284. Susan Schnirring As a mother who was coerced into relinquishing my twin sons and whose sons afather slipped $1000 under the table to ensure the adoption in 1968, my heart is with this mother.
283. Dana Jackson
282. Donna W. Odum
281. Marguerite Gilroy
280. Gail Lewis Return the twins to their natural mother.
279. erika martin
278. K MacGibbon Since this mother revoked BEFORE the Needhams signed the consent, she should not lose her parental rights. This is a very complex case and the media has NOT been allowed to give all the details. It is illogical to believe a mother would go through all this mother has, including IVF and nearly dying after delivery, and then just voluntarily give her children up. There is way more to the story that hopefully will one day make the media.
277. Anne Cote- Morris Any Mother who gives her consent to adoptio n -should be questioned-BIG TIME-always.We never wanted to give our children away... just needed a safe place to bring them..
276. Teresa Hennessy No woman should lose her babys in this way, No babies should lose their mother in this way.babies know the mother for 9 months before anyone else
275. Hazel Kaisinger the adoptive should have backed out of the adoption when the birthmom first showed signs of regret, doubt and hesitation about the adoption
274. Scarlett West This is a natural mother who has more than proven that she wishes to be with her children. As all mothers should. Her children belong with her and are not a cure for another womans infertility. The adopters care only that they have the appearance of having a child. They care nothing about seperating mother and children. They are greedy and do not care about the irreperable harm that will be done should these twins be seperated from their mother.Its a national disgrace that this woman was arrested for being with her own children. The adoption industry has always been about procuring babies and coercing mothers to give their children up. All of this is being done for the money paid to the industry and legal system for marketing these adopted children. These children are the victims of another adopters greed and selfishness. No child should be seperated from their real mother, because of greed and infertilty.
273. Deloris Favor Choice is just that! Choice
272. Sandra Williston This is a classic case of cohesion and baby brokering!! The best interests of the children is clearly not foremost in the minds of the prospective adoptive parents.
271. L. Miller
270. Maude E (Beth) Smith
269. Elaine Harrington
268. Christopher Fowler
267. Lisa Eastman
266. jay gordon
265. tim angstrom
264. Theresa Martin Give this Mother back her Children you BULLIES
263. rose marczak
262. Kristin Sullivan
261. rodney williams
260. joy williams
259. Patricia Farmer I agree with most of the comments that have been presented here,I would love to see major changes made to help prevent this type of wrongdoing from happening to anyone. I wish the birthmother only the best, and I pray that she and her infant are reunited permanently.
258. Heather Spratt
257. Martha Kapp
256. sherrill yaremovich it is a sad comment on our society that mothers and their infants are torn apart to feed a billion dollar adoption industry!
255. Jean Whittenton Unless you are an adoptee you have no idea what is is like to never know who your real parents. I am an adoptee 73 years old. I need to know because of health conditions to leave for my children and grandchildren to know their health history. Anyone needs to know who their real parents are sometime in life. In North Carolina the adoptipn papers are sealed forever. Let the twins go back to their real parents. They deserve that right.
254. jean whittenton An adoptee is a person with the worst kind of discrimanation there is. No rights to know who you really are and no way to find out. The law needs to be changed in North Carolina
253. Mary Rigotti
252. Sara A. Nugent I am praying that Allison gets her son and daughter. They need her and her family. Please see adoption for exactly what it is : A Scam.
251. Mirah Riben How can you kidnap your own kids??? The adoption was never finalized.
250. Andrea Boyle Allison is a smart career orientated women, and deserve to get her kids back.
249. diane buist as a bmum who fought for yrs to get her 2 sons back know how desperate allison must be hope she gets to keep her babies
248. Patricia Harrell
247. Louise Slattery These children should be returned to their birthmother. Adoption laws must be reformed to protect mothers and their babies from the coercion and deception so prevalent in the adoption industry.
246. Wendy Herrett
245. Ann Wilmer
244. Catherine McPherson
243. Roseanne Chapman
242. Arthur McRoberts
241. Palmyra C. Davenport
240. Joanna Freitag Had Allison Quets had the proper help and support that she needed to get through her illness during pregnancy there would be no need for this petition. It's a shame that it has come to all of this!
239. Karen Lynn Bring and end to coercion and unethical practices in adoption!
238. Walter D Fields Based on my present understanding, opinions and impression
237. Rebecca Royce Herring
236. Maureen Ward As a birth mother who lost her daughter to adoption,I went through years of torment and hidden depression-this woman has every right to her children, I'm with her all the way-God bless her and help her.
235. Beverley MacDonald The children belong with their birth mother
234. Tammy Lynch Schuyler Reunite the Family
233. Diana Ricketts If the natural mother is, and has been virtually from the outset, ready, willing, and able to assume responsibility for raising her children, there can in my mind be no serious question about where the babies should be, if the issue is their best interest and especially taking the long view. If I were one of those children, I do not think I would be able to forgive the putative adoptive parents once I grew old enough to learn what happened and that the Needhams had my mother arrested and treated as a criminal.
232. Samantha Franklin Adoption laws must be reformed - children are not commodities. Adoptees have a voice and must be respected.
231. Diana Ricketts If the natural mother is, and has been virtually from the outset, ready, willing, and able to assume responsibility for raising her children, there can in my mind be no serious question about where the babies should be, if the issue is their best interest and especially taking the long view. If I were one of those children, I do not think I would be able to forgive the putative adoptive parents once I grew old enough to learn what happened and that the Needhams had my mother arrested and treated as a criminal.
230. Helen Dudek Return the twins to their birthmother
229. Linda Zoblotsky I am an adopted adult and all I want is for the Quets family and children to be treated with dignity and respect.
228. Mark Huddleston This is total injustice.
227. Janet Hall
226. Penny Sue Huddleston please help stop the tragedies of cases like this.
225. Peggy Patrick I lost my child to adoption 38years ago. I use the term "lost to adoption" rather than "gave up my child" because my daughter was taken from me when I was at my most vulnerable. Birthmothers never get over the loss. At 60 years old I still battle cronic depression as a result of the trama I went through 38 years ago despite the fact that I was reunited with my "child" 11 years ago. Contrary to popular belief, reunions do not fix the past because so much damage was done at the time that it became the defining moment of my life. Please give those babies back to their mother!
224. Sherrie Winkler As an adoptee myself, I am furious over this.
223. Laura Gibowski
222. Patricia Hollifield
221. Sara E. Smith adult adoptee recently reunited
220. Reunited 2001 I am probably in the wrong place -- BUT -- I don't believe that Ms. Quets should get her children back. Having read what is publically available, and knowing nothing further -- I can say only this -- the children are stuck in the middle. Why take them from their home and loved ones now? Can't some joint custody arrangement be made (ie: such as those made in ordinary custody battles?). COnsider what is in the best interest of the children, and forget everyone else! The children's needs and wishes MUST come before either Ms. Quets or the Needhams!
219. Mary Hagofsky I believe that the adoption process favors the adoptive aprents. I believe that the birth mother should be given several months to change ehr mind. More and more states are shortening the time, because adoption is a big business, and adoption agencies want the adoption finalized; inorder to get the fees from the adopttive parents.
218. Teresa Frohock Adoption laws should be reformed to provide as much protection to the birth parents as is currently provided for the adoptive parents. Adoption laws claim to be in place to protect the adoptee while in reality, it is the adoptive parents who are protected. It is a multi-million dollar business and all pretenses toward altruistic notions should be abolished and replaced with realistic regulations.
217. Susan Vetter
216. Ross Rankin
215. Fran Wagstaff This situation proves that adoption reform is needed. Paperwork was never finalized and yet there is a custody battle? PLEASE! The legal parent is still the birth mother in this case! There should be no "battle"!
214. Evelyn leblanc
213. Nancy Wishon We hear of all the mothers who abandon their babies without conscience. It is odd that a mother willing to fight for her children can be vilified in the same way. I understand the adoptive parents wanting children but you can't just take a woman's children because you want them. I do not feel her impaired mental capacity at the time of relinquishment has been given appropriate consideration. God chose her as the mother of those children, she wants them badly enough to fight for them...send them home with Mom !
212. Jennifer Charles I lost my son to adoption 38 years ago and feel strongly that Alllison Quets should be reunited with her children. Why is our society so cruel to so-called "birthmothers"? How can these adoptive parents want to keep these children away from the mother who carried them and who now wants to bring them up? Allison Quets has my strongest support and sympathy. Please give her back her children.
211. Marsha Wells Adoption reform needs to be immediate
210. Susan Mitchell
209. Kristen Horner
208. Margaret McMann I'm an adoptee who believes that the adoption laws need to be reformed.
207. wendy thomson
206. Wendy Dale I am an adult adoptee. I want and need ALL of my parents. Adoption laws are unreasonably destructive to natural families!
205. Cynthis Ikens give her babies back to her
204. Geri Scipione
203. Adina DiMarzio The only crime this woman has committed is loving her children and wanting to be with them. It took me 20 years to reunite with my daughter. FREE ALLISON QUETS
202. David Robertson
201. Roberta MacDonald This story would not have made front page news if it was not for the adoption factor.
200. samantha hunsinger the adoption practices are unfair
199. maryann wallace it took me 16 yrs to reunite with my daughter, do the right thing reunite these children with their mother
198. Leslie Wagner This is an outrage! These children belong with their real mother and family! The coersion and manipulation used in adoption practices MUST BE STOPPED. Children are not commodities to be sold to the infertile while baby brokers fill their pockets from desperate people. Has the whole world gone mad that we blindly accept children being sold and perhaps not even being told they are adopted! This is really in their 'best interest'? SHAME on Canada for imprisoning a mother! Her crime - loving her children and wanting them to be with her. Why don't we just burn her at the stake! This is like living in the dark ages. Truly Outrageous! These children need their true mother.
197. Hilary Hurry Every woman has the right to help. None was given. When a child is born the mother is extremely tired and needs support. If she went through a difficult birth even more help is needed. Why is it the government agencies are so quick to take babies and not quick enough to assist a mother's cries for help.
196. Cory Durant My wife was coerced into adoption for her firstborn. She, like most relinquishing mothers we have spoken to, has never "gotten over it" Children belong with their families by birth, no one, no matter how loving can replace the natural family.
195. Lindsay Durant Laws need to be changed and adoption reformed. Free Allison and return her children to her. The prospective adopters are the ones who should be guilty of kidnapping.
194. denise adams please let her have her babies,she is the mother and deserves to raise them .good luck to her.
193. Erika Klein reunite the quet family - motherhood is NOT a crime
192. Chris Gillen
191. Sheila Ganz Free and Reunite the Quets Family NOW!
190. Denise Marconi Leitch The separation of mother and child is an unnatural practice and should only be done in the most dire of circumstances. Adult adoptee's have the right to know their biological families and a mother never forgets her child; the records should be open - NOW. Adoption sucks!
189. Annette Johnson Those twins belong with their BIRTH MOTHER !! It's her right to raise them! They are HERS !!
188. Rev. Robert McLeod Florida adoption law is the equavalent of slavery.
187. Deborah Rankin
186. Joyce C. Bahr, President New York Statewide Adoption Reform In this case there is the mother who gave birth to her twins asking for a second chance. Her choice to contact adoption attorneys was a mistake and papers were signed at a time when she was unable to think clearly. She is willing to raise her children and should have the chance to do so.
185. Paula Gillis
184. Hope A. Catricala For far to long adoption has become an industry that does not care for the child and its time this so-called problem sees the light. What is happening to the Quets is totally unjust and these problems must stop and stop now. The laws the surround adoption and its complete process should not be dealt with strictly by the lawyers and agencies. Adoption laws must change throughout all the world now for the benefit of the children and their right to know and be heard.
184. Hope A. Catricala For far to long adoption has become an industry that does not care for the child and its time this so-called problem sees the light. What is happening to the Quets is totally unjust and these problems must stop and stop now. The laws the surround adoption and its complete process should not be dealt with strictly by the lawyers and agencies. Adoption laws must change throughout all the world now for the benefit of the children and their right to know and be heard.
183. Christine Imhof Losey Rochester NY We have to stop the archaic practice that the government is still implementing on people. There should be a proper time span for someone to change their minds and proper counseling to help them with the decision that is involved. Too many signatures have been obtained without sufficient counseling and birth mothers have been left standing without the knowledge as to what had accrued and what the consequences are.
182. Linda J Woods Free this woman and give her children back!
181. Janice DeLuise
180. Amber Howell I am a birthmother and much in the adoption process/laws NEEDS to be changed!
179. Sarah
178. Karen E. Chimenti
177. Anne Drummnond
176. Mary French
175. Beulah Upham to many birthmothers forced to sign the dotted line
174. Jennifer Leigh
173. Lisa LeConey
172. Ann Collins
171. Nadia M Those Children have a right to be with their mother
170. Randy Fort Worth texas I am an adoptive child. If a mom wants to revoke the signing of these papers, they should have every right that any other person has. 3 days!! A child is not a business, but you can revoke any business dealing within 3 days. A national law needs to be made concerning the practice of adoptions and original birth certs. I have a right to know who my Natural parents are.
169. lisa yelds
168. Debbie Reynolds I am a natural mother, I was forced to sign papers and leave my son behind do not let this happen to them these agencies need to be closed and the people in them are ruthless!
167. Rebecca Oliver
166. Lori Nason I AM an adoptive mother and still feel that those babies need to be with Alison. Change the laws in Florida - allow for a period of rescinsion after a TPR is signed.
165. Bryony Lake Allison was emotionally beaten down by the agency and the adopters and her boyfriend until she felt she had no other choice. This type of coercion is done as agency procedure all across North America. Mothers are too ashamed and guilty afterwards to fight it as everyone says they "gave up" their children. it is NOT TRUE. She neither "gave them up" NOR "placed them." She was browbeaten when she was emotionally and physically exhausted, given no other choices. They kept up the pressure until she relented. Then she filed to revoke her consent WITHIN the time limit and the adopters REFUSED to give her babies back. This was the ORIGINAL KIDNAPPING! I was broken down too emotionally by hospital staff and a social worker. I gave given not choices either, 27 yrs ago. I know the ongoing pain and grief and loss she feels. You can NEVER "get over it."
164. Elisa I am a 16 year old adoptee. My mom fought for me. We had visits. My parents say she quit coming for no reason. I know better. I over heard them talking about it. I talk to my mom online. I found her. She tried to fight legally for visits and lost. I dont want to get in trouble with my parents but I love her. She is a very bright and beautiful woman. She has a great job, just like this lady. Something is wrong with more than one or two adoptions in this country. I wish someone would take notice. Maybe now they will.
162. Sam H. Mack I've known Allison for 20+ years and support her efforts 100\% with no reservation.
161. Kim Green Reunite Allison with her babies.Florida should really take a look at their laws and shame on the adoptive parents you can get other children.
160. robyn clifton
159. Vee Byram these children belong with their real mother. period.
158. Melody Bloom Bowie, MD Reunite the Quets Family!!!!!!
157. Manuel G Hidalgo She is God's only mother, pervert people use legal options to take these children from her only mother. The legality of the Florida law needs to be contested!
156. Elizabeth Edwards A natural parent right to raise their OWN child should be given prime consideration this is what is meant by the rights of the child to grow in the bosum of their own family of origin
155. Lindsey
154. Lily Arthur Illegal baby trading at it's worst America should realise this issue as nothing more than a regurtated form of slavery
153. Francesca Sam-Sin-Nowlin Houston, Texas
152. marilyn š
151. Susan Montgomery
150. melissa arnold
148. Arthur Webber
147. Sandra Wilson-Carter These children belong with their natural first mom....read The Primal Wound"...what happens to children who fall prey to the adoption farce..
146. Patty Schlossberg my natural parents Refused to sign the adoption papers on me and my sibs, and yet we were still stripped from them.
145. Sandy Price
144. Jamie Baker
143. Carol Aumann
142. Teresa Ann Forton
141. Erik B. Kesting
139. Shirley A Campbell Please Please Please free the Quets Family Member.
138. tina burton i am an adoptive mom. i love my daughter with everything. if her birthmom had signed but revoked, i could never live with myself if i ignored that. think long term; how are these kids going to process this???? i could NEVER look my child in the eye knowing all of this. NEVER. it is about the children. if they are not in danger, and their mom wants to parent, then the answer is easy. refusing to return the babies when they were young was an EXTREMELY SELFISH decision made by the aparents. i know the pain of thinking you are going to be a child's parent and meeting the child and holding him and then having it fall through, but i would rather have that pain than pass on pain to my child.
137. Kathy Aderhold stop coercion in adoption!
136. Terence Flynn Please help this family and others in similar circumstances.
135. Jackie Pierce
134. Mark Dages give her children back!!!! SHAME ON THE COURT SYSTEM AND THE NEEDHAMS
133. Gail Quets thank you, everyone!
132. nancy dallas
131. Cheryl Hayes give her babies back - shame on the needlhams - shame on them - give her babies back, let her come home - NOW - WHERE IS ALL THE SUPPORT SHE SHOULD HAVE FROM THE AMERICA JUSTISE SYSTEM - GLORIA ALLRED WHERE ARE YOU?????????
130. Andrew Micklos
129. Colette
128. Aubrey Moser My wife lost her daughter in a situation somewhat like this. Please reunite Allison with her children.
127. Alicia Moser I have been in a situation like Allison's before. I have had that hopeless feeling. Please let her go.
126. Angela Chisholm
125. danielle she sould definatly keep her babies!!
124. Kay The law was violated over a year ago when this mother signed the consent under duress and undue influence and also when her revocation was not processed . Another illegal adoption .Another natural family destined to suffer for the term of their natural lives unless of course a non corrupt judicial system delivers justice to this mother and her twins in accordance with their human and legal rights.
123. Jeffrey J Bradley
122. Olivia C Bradley
121. Abby S Bradley
120. Margaret Stacy
119. Deanna Dallas
118. Deanna Dallas
117. Jen
116. alyssa shields
115. anastacia pashnyak
114. Courtney let allison be with her children
113. michelle carr save the kids from a broken home
112. Jenny Nordstrom
111. Kristy Schofield Give Allison her chidlren!
110. nathaniel buckley i demand that they are reunited
109. Maureen Nedbalsky My thoughts and prayers are with you and the children, Allison
108. Elizabeth A Dominick Please give her back her babies, she is their mother.
107. Maria Santos Mother, and children should be together. It is unnatural for the children and mother to be seperated.To have children raised by others, ouside the natural family is a sacralige to the human race.
106. Kerstin Stanley
105. PJ Davidson Would like to see more federal oversight and regulation of the adoption industry.
104. abby genovaldi give them back to natural mother!!
103. Christy Steele
102. Janette give her babies back... the family and agencies should be arrrested for stealing her babies from her in the begining. I was adopted and also was forced to sign papers in the hospit al for my son who was taken from me in the hospital. We are the victoms that so much wrong has been done to us. Give Alisons babies back.
101. Kelly Webb
100. Charity Ing
99. Heather Lowe
98. Linda Webber The twins and their natural Mother belong together! I pray she will be granted Asylum
97. Donna Rowe
96. kathleen manley give this mother back her children!!!!
95. Irene Price Gendron As a birth mom I share her pain, as one duped by an agency I know her truth
94. Denise Leiviska
93. Ashley Chambers
92. Katherine Corwin Birth Parent and Adoptive Parent. I understand exactly how this young woman feels. In 1970 had the state of WA made me aware of the time I had to request my child back I would have taken her back in a heart beat. Thank God we have been reunited in our later years.
91. YT Leist
90. Jennifer Garner birthmother
89. Kim Sutherland Please let her have her children back, she is their mother.
88. Joan Wheeler I am an adoptee reunited for 33 years. It is important for pre-adoptive parents to realize that they are not legal parents until the Final Order of Adoption is signed and issued. Custody battles like Allison's demonstrate that people who want someone else's children are often mentally unstable themselves. This is a cruel and unjust attempt to adopt. These pre-adoptive parents should be charged with kidnapping and child abuse for destroying the lives of the mother and her twins. The children and their REAL mother will suffer the rest of their lives for this disgusting display of so-called loving people who want to give a home to two "needy" babies. Lets uncover the REAL motives behind adoption in these United States. Selfish and greedy adoptive parents and a corrupt adoption system are no basis for creating happy, loving families.
87. Patricia Birney
86. Elizabeth Des Roches
85. graham
84. Christine Paugh Right the wrong of the corrupt Florida adoption laws. These children belong with their REAL mother!
83. Sheri Sexton Together, we can make a difference!
82. Sheri Sexton Together, we can make a difference!
81. Joe Soll LCSW
80. Karen Wilson Buterbaugh This mother deserves her OWN children
79. Bernadette Wright
78. Wilma Norman mother/child(ren) belong together!
77. John DeGelleke This case should immediately be reviewed by an impartial panel.
76. Marti Royo
75. Debbie Richmond
74. Walter J Farrell
73. Barbara E Farrell
72. Rachel DeBruce
71. Mary Connelly Do not force this adoption. The mother has rights to her children.
70. Rebecca Bretz
69. Barb Wood
68. Elizabeth Timmons
67. Jamie R North
66. Jeffrey Timmons
65. Jennifer Timmons Adoptive Parent
64. Danielle Deck
63. Kelly Kiser-Mostrom Give Allison custody of her children and work on adoption reform!
62. Kelly Gryting Reprehensible!!
61. Karen M. Cayford
60. Margaret Nonas
59. Suzanne Marshall Please don't steal these babies' future!
58. Margaret Fusina
57. Laurie Bradshaw
56. Sherry Guy
55. Michelle Montgomery
54. sarah beecher I feel that an injustice has been done to Alison and the twins. This is what makes for a made for TV movie. Florida should be ashamed for not allowing a revocation period. We to wish to be adoptive parents but not at the sacrifice of someone who wishes to parent and has not been given a chance too.
53. Carrie Beck
52. Stacy Olinde birthmother
51. Judi Burkhalter Grant
50. Angela Pollard Proof that we are still not ethical in our adoption policies. All states need to consider some major adoption law changes. If she only signed "some" of the papers, what is the hold up? She's suffered long and hard enough, the longer this it on hold, the more harm Florida does to these children emotionally!
49. Breanna Breiner
48. Jenni Farr
47. John Lee
46. Dian Wellfare
45. Jennie Shiel
44. Christine Kelsall
43. James E. Lee Why not justice?
42. Teresa Heal
41. Erin Miller
40. margot i know zilch about adoption but i know this is WRONG. this mother SHOULD be reunited with her twins. this should never have been allowed to go so far . of course she felt desperate. what an injustice
39. Tanya Martinez Reunite this mother and her children
38. Heather W. This should not happen to any woman!
37. Margie Perscheid
35. Joy Madsen
34. Kate Anderson
34. Kate Anderson
33. Lynne Murphy It's absolutely disgraceful how this poor woman is being treated simply for making the "mistake" of being very ill during and after pregnancy and thinking she could not care for her babies. This situation should never have happened and the Needhams should return the children to her and these ridiculous charges dropped! I live in Scotland and cannot believe this is happening!
32. Daniel H Sandifer
31. andrea weissinger give these babies back to the mother,, I am an adoptee, shame on these adoptive parents and the courts.
30. Debbie let there be hope for adoption reform
29. Nancy McLeod see my post at http://missingchild.wordpress.com for the facts of this unfortunate case. The topic is "Who Kidnapped Who First." Send the link to all you know.
28. Michael B.
27. Melinda Walmsley My granddaughter was kidnapped 7 years ago, also in a fraudulent, coercive adoption. I totally understand Allison Quets desperation
26. Diane B.
25. Roxanne St. Peter Reese
24. Marsha Roberts If ever there was a case that SCREAMED the need for adoption reform, this is it. Don't let this tragedy go without doing something to prevent it in the future! This adoption should have never taken place!!
23. Amy K. Burt This kind of thing shows exactly what adoption agencies and attorneys are capable of.
22. Claudia Corrigan Sheeley Let the record state also that the prospective adoptive parents are NOT the legal parents of these children and this is really a custody case which has gone terribly wrong as they had no real rights to these children to begin with. If this story os not a major red flag to what is wrong in the US adoption industry and calls for vast and massive reform and regualtion...then AMerica is blind and also gulity of abuse to mothers and children.
21. Leigh
20. Susan Lee
19. Diane Steenstra
18. Robin Kinney Westbrook I live in FL where this travesty took place. Their 24-hour law is a farce and an insult.
17. Matthew R Darr
16. Janet Barth The Quets are victims of an agressive adoption agency that saw the opportunity to exploit a family in crisis for the sake of generating income. These outrageous attacks on families must stop.
15. Nicole Darr
14. susan martin-lepore
13. Alex Mead Why has she been put through all this? Why put her through more?
12. Linda M McGurl This is the children's birth mother, not some random kidnapper. This adoption petition is in dispute. The custodial caretakers are not the children's legal adoptive parents.
11. Jessica DelBalzo
10. Heather Kuhn Allison Quets is my friend. I know her, I know her struggles, and the FL adoption industry is Corrupt, and needs a full international investigation.
9. Anita Pribik The "gift" of life belongs to Allison Quets let her share it with her children
8. Lisa Sainsbury Adoption reform NOW.
7. Sapphire Harvey Hopefully this tragic case will illustrate the NEED for adoption reform today - not in a decade, 5 years or 6 months - NOW.
6. cindy this family belongs together as God intended
5. laurie Chatman So many stories like hers, reunite her with her children
4. Kimberly
3. Rachel Sullivan My Heart is with Allison and her babies.
2. Angele Taylor free this family from the bonds of corrupted Fl adoption statutes
1. Meghan Richmond These children belong with their mother

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