Dr. Phil taping of Allison Quets, Coming Soon!

Last Updated: 4/25/07
Point of View
By Marianna

Let's see if tonight Nancy will broadside Allison Quets' supporters like I saw in her last show.

Funny how there was a woman with the portion of the court decision highlighted in yellow on the show. The Needham's lawyer was quick to hide behind sealed adoption documents... I have to wonder, who provided the media with the court verdict? Isn't that part of the same sealed documents? If you are going to reveal part of it, reveal all of it not just one side.

Also, aren't adoption cases sealed to protect the birth and adoptive parents names? Now with International attention already , why keep the facts of this case sealed?

I cannot help but think of what Tyler and Holly will feel when, in what will seem like overnight, the truth about their mother wanting them so desperately is revealed to them.

I know more than most regarding Allison's travesty. Regardless of all the facts proposed by either side, the truth is that this mother, who is bonded with her children, can provide a wonderful home filled with love. She revoked her consent within two hours, before the twins were even in the in care of the NC couple (who were not even in the state of Florida at the time).

Putting myself in another pair of shoes, isn't that enough evidence that this woman truly doesn't want to place her children up for adoption regardless of what might have been said or perceived? The statute of a no grace period*, although a Florida legality, is absolutely heartless. I know the law has no heart, but our humanity does. "Love your neighbor as yourself" is what life is all about.

Let's just think about Tyler and Holly for a moment. They have a mother who wants them. Who was prepared to endure an excruciating pregnancy to carry them. Who was prepared to spend everything she has saved her whole life to win them back. Who, as we have witnessed, was prepared to risk her own freedom by fleeing with them to another country.

Will they grow up one day and think, why didn't you just give us back? Will the fact that Florida has a no grace period suffice? Will the amount of care shown to them through the years suffice?

As you look online and watch the news, people will begin to take sides. Whose side will you take? I'm taking Tyler and Holly's side. These are not orphan children, abandoned or facing an abusive home. This is not about who would be the better caregiver. These kids belong to their mother and need to be returned to her.

Regardless if you agree with me or not...

Keep them in your prayers, Marianna

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