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Last Updated: 4/25/07
Point of View
By Lisa Hassan

Letís keep the true victims in the right perspective. Allison, Tyler and Holly are a family. During the time prior to signing the consent to adopt, Allison was a woman in need of help. She was extremely weak physically and emotionally due to her prolonged illness, subsequent difficult delivery and sole around the clock care for her babies. She was a perfect target of opportunity for a couple desperate for children. When is it ever right to take advantage of someone weak and helpless. Though I sympathize emotionally with the Needhamís desperation for children, keeping them under the circumstances under which they obtained them is wrong on every level. Tyler and Holly are not theirs to keep. They have a mother who loves them, is capable of caring for them and will fight with every last resource to get them back. Explain that to Tyler and Holly when they are older. When Allison revoked the consent to adopt after only 12 hours after giving consent, her children should have been returned to her. Sadly, the facts in this case have been misrepresented and misunderstood.

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