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Last Updated: 4/25/07
Messages From Allison
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02/04/06 Sunday
What would Tyler and Holly think about this? How would they feel? These kids love to be held and soothed by their mother. They want her attention constantly and cry if she leaves the room. What would they think of a legal process putting their mother in jail? And a justice system that denies their mother time with them that she wants so much? Why should they be denied the right to be with their mother? These are sweet, loving children that deserve so much more than this.

02/01/06 Thursday
This morning I thought about the babies and their little shoes. During one of my trips to NC, I bought them "crocs." They are soft foam type shoes. The pediatrician said these would be fine. Holly's pair is light yellow and Tyler's is pale blue. I also bought charms for their shoes. For Tyler I bought a frog and dino, and for Holly, a flamingo and a flower. Tyler truly loves his "crocs." If one fell off he would bring it back to me. It was just so sweet how he would bring them to me to put them back on. I miss them so much.

01/30/06 Tuesday
My visits with Holly and Tyler were the happiest days for all of us. In Sept 2006, I rented an apartment in Durham so the twins would have a familiar home in NC. The judge ordered visitation times with the twins remain in NC so I furnished this apartment with beautiful cribs, clothing, a highchair and a double stroller. I have a minivan with very safe car seats for the twins. I would usually fly from FL to Raleigh on Friday eve and return Monday morning. During the summer, 7 year old Alexis would go with me. I would return to my home in Orlando quickly because I am Alexis' primary caregiver and I work from home. Thus, I was only Raleigh a few days a month. I'm hoping and praying to see the twins as soon as possible. I miss them so much.

01/29/06 Monday
To all my friends and supporters. I have been in jail for 3 weeks. Every day is very difficult. I was denied bail and it was devastating. I want so much to return home and go back to work, care for Alexis and my home. I miss all the kids very much.

01/27/06 Saturday
My lawyer is filing an appeal for another hearing. I miss my home and my kids very much. It's hard to understand why I'm being detained. I have been a responsible citizen and always obeyed the law. I have served the US for 21 years on defense programs, including nuclear weapons, satellites and technology. I pray for favor from the judges and the return the children.

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