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July 05, 2007
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Letter To Peter Fryefield

(Copy and Paste, Use in Whole or in Part, and mail or fax it to:)

Honorable Peter J. Fryefield
State of Florida, Circuit Court, 4th Judicial Circuit
Address: Duval County Courthouse
330 E. Bay St., Room 103
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 630-2527
Fax: (904) 630-2900

We do not agree with your recent judgment stating that the lawsuit against Michael Shorstein on behalf of Allison Quets should be sealed. To the contrary, it protects no one, with the exception of the lawyer, Michael Shorstein, who the lawsuit is against.

This goes against every fabric of human civil rights. We demand that you allow the lawsuit to remain open, so that a full investigation can take place.

The adoption that was agreed upon, was to be an open adoption agreement. All parties, including the prospective adoptive parents' names, the children's names, and Allison's name, have been all over the news. A sealed lawsuit will not protect anyone except the ones who are currently committing fraud. If this lawsuit is unfounded, surely to leave it open for the press, would merely prove your case, and then the people can rest.

This is a great injustice on many fronts, including the fact that the adoption has not been finalized, and that the children's names are still "Quets", therefore, The Needhams' are prospective adoptive parents, not the sole custodians. Neither the adoption, nor the lawsuit should be sealed.

If it is that this lawsuit is founded, and that Michael Shorstein has committed fraud, then he should be held accountable and responsible for his actions. If he is guilty, then how many other women have Michael Shorstein coerced, and men who have lost rights to their children because of the archaic Florida laws? If not for the fact that Allison Quets had her life savings, none of this would have come out. But now that it is out, we the people are watching, and we will hold you, and all other parties responsible and accountable for the outcome of this case.

We demand the records to be opened, immediately. All the information within the file that pertains to the adoption is already known by all parties. We demand that the adoption be opened for review of the press and the public so that we can rest assured that this is not an unethical adoption, and so that justice may be served.

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