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Last Updated: 4/25/07
Facts About Allison Quets

  • Completed high school in 3 years
  • Graduated with honors
  • Bachelors in Psychology
  • Masters in Social Welfare
  • Certified Social Worker
  • Masters in Computer Science
  • Employed by GE/Lockheed Martin (LM) for 21 years
  • Worked on high security government projects for 10 years
  • Traveled extensively for her job, thus LM provided only a home office
  • Was offered management positions
  • Sought jobs compatible with raising children
  • Had ample financial resources to raise twins
  • Would love to be a teacher in the future
  • Grew up in New York
  • Planned for children for nearly a decade
  • Owns a home in a family-oriented neighborhood in Orlando
  • Divorced because husband did not want children
  • Parents are elderly and unable to offer support
  • Traveled to NC to minimize travel stress on twins
  • Invested extensively in fertility treatments for over 2 years
  • Parented a child (relative of Needhams) frequently for 4 years
  • Helped that child thrive academically and behaviorally
  • Rents a well-equipped NC apartment for visitation
  • Is only in NC over weekend for visitation
  • Provides consistent, safe, stable environment for visits
  • Twins have bonded with Allison & show distress when she leaves
  • Conceived twins via IVF on 11-05-04
  • Weighed 138 pounds pre-pregnancy
  • Experienced severe hyperemesis throughout pregnancy
  • Vomited blood for 6 months from stomach ulcers and tears in throat
  • Was too ill to care for herself by end of pregnancy
  • Required risky IV nutrition for survival during pregnancy
  • Had life-threatening complications during/after pregnancy
  • Gained only 10 of the 45 pounds needed for a twin pregnancy
  • Delivered twins at 37 weeks on 07-6-05
  • Required 5 units of blood after delivery
  • Fed twins every 1-3 hours the first 5 weeks
  • Was diagnosed postpartum with anxiety, depression, traumatic stress
  • Weighed 110 pounds postpartum
  • Recent psychological testing showed well-functioning adult
  • No adoption was finalized and paperwork was not completed
  • No legal representation was encouraged or offered
  • Needhams were represented by Shorstein & Kelly in Jacksonville, FL
  • Requests for help from social worker did not yield alternatives to adoption
  • Has proven to be a very competent, loving mother to twins and other children
  • Retains parental rights to the twins and is the only parent
  • Twins legal names are Tyler Lee & Holly Ann Quets
  • Has birth certificates and social security cards for twins
  • Custodians of twins are legally considered intermediaries
  • Obtained passports legally for ID & airline travel to meet family
  • Pursued temporary guardianship to allow time to recover
  • Discussions regarding twins' care were based on promises of close, family ties
  • Loves her children and has fought for them daily since August 12, 2005
  • Signed a consent form on August 16, 2005 while ill and sleep deprived
  • Began revocation within hours of consent signing
  • Notified Needhams of revocation before they took custody of twins or signed papers
  • Invested over $400k in legal process thus far
  • Obeyed every court order over last 18 months until recent event
  • Opposed at least 6 motions to terminate her visitation
  • Has been only allowed periodic weekend visitation
  • Has not had a week (5 consecutive days) in over a year with twins
  • Was denied visitation with twins on their first birthday
  • Court ordered visitation was ignored in March and November (2006)
  • An appeal is pending in FL's higher court

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